A Mothers Day Celebration No Matter Where You Are In The World

We are living in some strange times in Spring 2020. With Mothers days fast approaching many Mothers and their children are concerned how Mothers Day will play out even though it is still possible to send flowers by post uk. Distance hasn’t been something that has stopped lovers and friend over the years from remembering and celebrating each other every year. Why should Mothers Day be any different this year?

Times like these call for increased creativity. So if you are naturally creative you’ll be fine but if you’re not then don’t worry we got you covered.

So lets give you some unique ideas that you can pull off to please your Mum!

As we’ve said, many florists should still be operating with many having online portals. Be aware though that a florists stock will be low at the moment because of issues with their supply chain.

So no excuse for sending flowers and a card, even if its a eCard.

How do you replace the fact that you can’t be there in person?

Well we have what we think is a brilliant idea. These days technology is advanced. Most of us even out parents have access to a computer and a high speed Internet connection. So you could organise for the other members of the family to all cook their own Sunday dinner and all setup either FacetTime or Zoom and all have a virtual Mothers Day dinner together. We know that its not the same as being there in person and being able to hug your Mum but its the next best thing.

You all have a lovely dinner, you can chat as if you were there and also raise a glass and thank Mum for everything she’s done and continues to do.

To make it even more special you could all create a menu that you all then cook on the day. It will then at least feel that you are all sitting down together and eating the same meal.