A Quick Guide To The Best Houseplant

There is nothing like the look and smell of nature in your house. Whether that’s in the form of the best flowers delivered by post or a stunning house plant.

There are two frequently asked questions when it comes to houseplants.

1: Which houseplant should I get?
2: In what room would the above houseplant be best suited to.

Lucky of for you. we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you some ideas and some solution as to what to buy and where to put it.

One of the most favourite rooms that people buy houseplants for, is the bedroom. It’s the one room that we probably spend the most time in. Makes sense for that room to be as tranquil and naturally healthy to be in. Sleeping for an average of 8 hours per night, we want to make sure the air that we are breathing in is quality air.

Here are some good choices for your bedroom house plant.

The Peace Lily: A simple looking plant that can be situated in any room of the house. This type of lily is also know for its air purifying qualities. Ideal for when you want the air to be of the finest quality.

Lavender: We love lavender in or bedroom. We often drip lavender essential oils on our pillows before we get into bed. You can also place a small potted lavender plant in your bedroom as this plant has a beautiful fragrance and has a soothing aroma that helps you to fall asleep.

English Ivy: If it’s the greenery look you’re after then this houseplant is your best choice. Can be hung in a post as it has a wonderful drooping effect as it typically overhangs its pot. It’s a simple plant but one that is very effective.

Begonia: We love this pant for all its different sizes and shapes. With many options it is a lot easier to choose one that fits with the colour scheme of your bedroom. If you can find these plants on a offer or discount, purchase another as they also are well suited to bathrooms too. The Begonia is easy to look after as it doesn’t need much watering. In fact if you place one in the bathroom, the steam from the shower will provide it with enough water!