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Using Foliage as Fillers for Flower Bouquets

One thing you learn very quickly as a online florist is that you never deal with just flowers. There’s so much to  creating, presenting and delivering the perfect floral bouquet.

As the seasons change, so do the range of available flowers and plants. As an experienced floral arranger you need to adapt and work with the available materials that you have to hand.

One of the most important floral accessories is foliage. Foliage is used to bulk out a stunning bouquet of flowers and it also provides contract for everything else. Again your available foliage is going to be different in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

If you have the capacity in terms of time and available room you could look into growing your own foliage from seed. Grasses and grains can make excellent choices for foliage and are also relatively easy to grow yourself. Cress and millet are two popular types of foliage. There is also nothing to stop you from adding in herbs that can also compliment and enhance the fragrance of your chosen flowers.

You can really experiment with your herbs and flowers to find combinations that bring out the best in each other for that sweet smelling bouquet that the receiver can’t get enough of. This is one thing you learn very fast as a Internet florist, how the flowers look is a big part of success but if you can play on the sense of smell your bouquets will turn a lot more heads.

Foliage can really add character to your floral bouquets. Tall, wispy grasses placed strategically within your bouquet can really do wonders for its visual appeal.

Some of the most popular foliage that you can take advantage of for your arrangements are Green Bells, Bupleurum, Euphorbia and Honeywort.

Euphorbia is one of the easiest plants to use for your foliage requirements. It can be used in many different ways and can compliment any floral bouquet with ease. Just be cautious when you harvest your Euphorbia as the sap can irritate some peoples skin.

Mint is another foliage favourite of hours. Who doesn’t like the smell of mint? Mint is such a fresh, fragrant smell that easily reminds you of nature. Another great advantage of mint is that it’s easy to grow and is usually available during the colder months.

Plumping Up the Volume in Your Bouquet Arrangements

Flower arranging is a unique skill. Once that can take many years to commercially good at. As professional floral arranger at we often get asked for our advice and tips on how the receivers of bouquets can make the best out of arranging their flowers.

There is nothing worse than receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, bringing out your favourite vase, arranging your flowers but left with gaping holes in your floral display.

Does this happen to you? Yes frustrating isn’t it?

Well today we’ve got some awesome tips to help you solve those common flower arranging problems.

There is nothing worse that placing your bouquet in a special vase and then not being able to arrange the flowers in a way that does your flowers any justice. Either you experience gaps in your bouquet or you just cannot seem to fit in the odd flower and get it exactly where you want it.

Once of the best tips we give out is once you receive a bouquet don’t rush to cram it in your vase. Lay out all of the flowers on some newspaper. Sort the flowers into different categories. Those categories should be by length of stem and also the strength of the stem.

What we want to do first is to start creating our bouquet by placing our medium sized stems in the vase first. This will give us our starting point and a level base from which to build from. As always make sure you prune or cut off any protruding stems or leaves that will sit below the top of the vase.

Many people also believe that each flower should be placed straight up and down. This is one mistake that can ruin your arrangement. As you place each flower individually, be sure to place each alternative flower in a diagonal fashion. After you’ve place a few more flowers it will look like the stems actually criss cross each other.

If you have many flowers in your soft stem category, you can now place those in your vase and placing them next to your stronger stems will help. Another great tip is to also place those soft stems around the edges of your vase. This will help some of them lean over giving you a nice draping look to your arrangement.

We hope these tips are going to help you with your flower arranging skills!

Popular Floral Trends for 2020

The trends in the flower industry are not different to the trends that happen in fashion or music. Its a never ending cycle of what’s in and what’s not. What was popular last year may not be this year.

Often things that was popular 20 or 30 years ago can find itself back in favour in modern times. as we said, it goes in cycles.

So whats hot for 2020?

Stems that Speak Volumes
One of the upcoming trends in the floristry market are stems. What we means is that bigger and bolder is becoming more popular. Long stems and large floral heads are quickly replacing the smaller flowers we’ve been used to seeing.

Bold Vases
Over the years the plain old vase had one job to do, hold the flowers in water and not fall over. These days though more emphasis is being placed on the vase itself. The vase can also become an important part or even the centrepiece of any beautiful bouquet. You can be very artistic with your vases and experiment with many shapes, colours and vase designs for the ultimate look and feel.

Drying Flowers
Have you ever received a gorgeous bouquet from a friend, lover or partner that you held onto for dear life? You loved the bouquet so much you wanted it to stay with you for as long as possible. Well no one says you have to throw it away. Flowers can be recycled and dried and kept for many years. Imagine treasuring that prized bouquet forever!

Doing More with Less
You don’t always have to go overboard and purchase bouquets that are over flowing with flowering beauty. In a world where we all have too many things, minimalism is becoming a lot more popular. You can create or buy a minimalistic bouquet and still make a powerful statement with it.


Creating That Floral Festive Christmas Table

It won’t belong before Christmas is upon us again. What are your plans? Are you going to be entertaining family this year? If you are you may enjoy our suggested Christmas table flowers in this post.

Good luck to you if you are. Christmas is a wonderful time of year but can also be pretty stressful with all the things to think about, remember, buy and organise.

So if you do have a lot of family or friends over for Christmas dinner, they you’ll want to put something special on. Yes the menu you create and the food you prepare is of course important. You want everything to be just right. You want the people that attend to talk about your Christmas dinner for years to come.

You’ll want to put in the same amount of effort into your Christmas table layout and decoration as you do into the menu you’ll prepare.

So how can you do this? What can you do to make a big impact?

Let us help you with some of our Christmas table decorating ideas.

First you will need to consider what theme you will use for Christmas day. There are many different colours that work well for Christmas table settings. From crimson reds, golds, silvers, purples there are many colour themes you can choose. You tablecloth is going to be your canvas, your background material. The colour of your tablecloth is going to hugely influence your choice of colour for your theme. Reds for example will look better on a neutral colour of white, cream and maybe even gold. Contrast that for a second with using a black table cloth. Doesn’t quite have the same effect does it?

So remember to choose a nice neutral colour for your tablecloth. There are also a number of different styles and shapes that you can use. You can cover all of the table or have it drape across the table in a diamond shape.

Once you have chosen the main colour theme, you can look at bringing out specific tones of that colour with your tableware and accessories. Think napkins, crackers, placemats, floral arrangements. There is so many ways to customise a Christmas table for maximum impact.

We hope that’s given you some food for thought and we also hope you put some thought into your food!

You don’t want a beautifully laden table with a Christmas dinner that lacks taste!

Stuck With What Flowers to Buy? Here’s Some Inspiration

Have you ever been in that situation where you really feel like you want order flowers and have them placed around the home? Or maybe you want to surprise someone dear to you but you really are lost as to what to buy. You just cannot get inspired and cannot make a decision on what to buy.

In this post we are going to try and help you with some inspiration based on our many years of experience.

Small but Makes a Statement
You don’t have to go too overboard when it comes to buying yourself some flowers. Its not the size of it, it’s what you do with it! Heard that a few times before! Choose some seasonal flowers and arrange in a way that gives the appearance of it being circular. These small charming bouquets work well when they are displayed on a corner table.

Make A Big Statement
There are some flower arrangements that just sit quietly in the corner, they get noticed but they are very subtle. Now they do server a purpose and every floral arrangement can serve a specific purpose. Buy maybe you want something overpowering with beauty and fragrance, to become a showpiece or centrepiece of your room? What you need is a very large and flamboyant bouquet that catches your eye as soon as you enter the room. What will serve you best is having flowers with tall stems with a matching tall vase. Flowers like delphinium will work well as well as using the branches of the willow tree. Placing these tall stems in the centre or at the front of the vase will maximise their impact.

Flowering Eye Candy!
You could also call this a medium size bouquet. You want this arrangement to make a big statement but maybe not as obvious as the largest more flamboyant bouquet. This bouquet would typically be just over 30 inches in height and with any large flower arrangement, its best place away from a wall. Placing tall or large arrangements can make the room look a little crammed, so put this one in a place where all its glory can be v

The Perfect Wedding Flowers – How Do You Choose?

It’s official! You are now engaged and have set a date to be married! How exciting! Then you realise the extent of all the planning that you must do including choosing your Autumn wedding flowers! You never really knew just how much planing was involved until now. All you want to do is scream!

One of the biggest decisions is going to centre around your wedding flowers. You will want to of made decision in other areas before you can really decide on what flowers you will require for your wedding day.

So before you even think about your flowers you may want to have already made decisions on the following:

  • Wedding dress style and colour
  • Wedding accessories – headwear, shoes, bag etc
  • Church and reception venue
  • Number of guests
  • Colour and style of bridesmaid dresses
  • Number of Bridesmaids

Without making decisions on the above is going to make it extremely difficult for you to decide on what flowers you will need for your wedding day.

Now this is your special day and one you don’t want to hold back on. It is always beneficial to have a budget but having said that you don’t want to be creatively subdued by money. You want this day to be as close to a fairytale as possible.

Another important to factor that relates to the choosing of your flowers is going to be the data and time of year that you will get married. Choosing seasonal flowers is going to not only make it easier to obtain flowers but can also enhance your wedding’s aesthetic appeal.

Most online florists like ourselves with be able to create you a stunning floral bouquet consisting of seasonal flowers for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

The colour shades you choose will be dictated by the time of year and the colour of your wedding theme.

When you sit down with your partner to discus your flower choices it may help to get some understanding of the special meanings of flowers. You may decide upon a flower that has specific meaning to your relationship and each other.

There is a lot to think about and we wish you all the happiness, love and joy that you deserve!

Birthday Gift Ideas For Friends and Family

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen from our customers, friends and family is not knowing what gift or which bouquet to buy someone for their Birthday. Every year we can find ourselves in that situation again. Often as each new year comes around with another Birthday, we are reminded of of the difficulties we had the previous year. This only adds to our current frustration and that frustration can block off our creative tendencies.

As each year goes by, the chances of you buying a unique gift are reduced. Otherwise it just ends up being the same Birthday lived every year. Taken out for breakfast, lunch or a nice dinner. The same or similar gifts and of course the customary bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes experiences can trump material possessions. Experiences can last a lifetime in memory but a material product for example can wear off in a short period of time.

We asked our customers, friends and family what their ideal or perfect gift would be and I think you will be surprised of the answers!

A beautiful elegant bouquet of flowers – Well I bet you didn’t expect that one coming! It may be clique but you would be surprised knowing the affect that flowers can have on someone. You can use flowers to convey almost any sentiment – love, joy, respect, compassion and of course care. Flower bouquets are made that little bit more special when they are delivered with a smiling loving face behind them.

Flowers have for centuries created deep positive feelings for those people that have received them as a gift from someone else. Flowers are so diverse that you can usually find flowers that have meanings related to the character of the person you are sending them to.

A personalised Birthday hamper – If you are the creative type then creating a Birthday hamper will give you a lot of fun enjoyment. You can really create a hamper that is based around the person you are giving it to. The great thing about hampers is that they contain many different gifts so you can create a theme around it. Themes could be a makeup hamper for your niece or a golfing hamper for your husband or a mans hamper consisting of toiletries, beer and potato based snacks. You can even add other items to the hamper such as personal photos, clothing, tickets, music and film. The choices are endless.

There are two fantastic ideas for you to have a think about!

What are you waiting for?!

Brighten Your Home with Spring Flowers

As we’ve written about before Spring time is one of our favourite times of the year. It is the start of regrowth, a resurrection of nature, a new start. The flowers bloom, the trees blossom and trees and bushes start becoming thicker with more foliage.

It is the best time of year to get your garden ready as well as giving the home a good and well needed spring clean.

To correspond to the new beginnings that Spring brings, you can also instigate change in and around your home. Take the time to think about your home, are there any other ways in which you could utilise your space. Changing a room around can be an exciting way of changing the look and feel of your home.

It’s a great time to explore new looks and feels. Maybe painting a room a different colour or just simply changing the curtains and cushion covers in your living room.

Add to that some green houseplants and some beautiful spring time flowers. Open the windows and allow the fresh Springtime air to dance and swirl around your home.

It is the best time of the year to be creative. Practice your flower arranging skills. Create a new display for each room. You can use fresh flowers or even try your hand at dried flower arranging. There are so many ways to use the benefits of flowers and plants in your home.

As you change the look and feel of each room from decoration or rearrangement, you can create a specific floral or plant arrangement to match your unique room styles.

Another creative way of adding your own personal and unique touch is to find or buy your own favourite flowers. Enjoy them in a well chosen vase for a few days. Then after you had their enjoyment for a while and whilst they are still in good condition, you can use your skills for drying flowers. Once you have dried and pressed those flowers there are many creative ways you can use then around your home.

Once great idea and one we have used on many occasions is to take your dried and pressed flowers and mount them onto some wood backing, place them into a picture frame and then hand them on your the wall of your favourite room!

How To Get Creative with Flowers

Owning your own home is such a wonderful way to use your creative flower arranging skills. It’s so nice to have that place where you can be yourself. A place that kind of reflects you in many ways. You r own unique style and personality shines from the way your home looks and feels.

There are many activities and projects that you can undertake that will involve your creativity and your love of flowers. Use your skill and flair to create an even more inspiring home for you and your family.

One of the most common creative activities around the home that includes flowers is the pastime of drying your own flowers and using them to add special unique touches to your home.

Drying your own flowers is a fairly simple process. Simply select your desired flowers, take some kitchen paper and place your flowers in between each piece of kitchen paper. Place your paper and flowers inside your flower press. If you do not have one then you can use some heavy books or some books and then place heavy weights upon them. Ensure that they are kept in a dry spot for at least 21 days.

Another use for dried flower creativity is one that most people won’t even be aware of. Have you every heard of creating your own wallpaper? Not many people are aware that you can but it is possible. Ok we’ll let our secret out. When we say wallpaper we are referring the the background of your desktop computer or mobile phone screen :). So if you have a flower arrangement in your house that you are most proud of. Make sure they are placed in good light that brings out the best in them. Then, take your time to take the right picture. You may have to try a few different angles and it may take you multiple attempts to get the right photo.

Once you have the perfect photo set it as your background on your computer and mobile phone!


Make Your Valentine Blush with These Gorgeous Flowers

Flowers are the most popular gift given to lovers, partners, spouses and friends on Valentines Day. Some people go to great lengths to find original and thoughtful gifts to give other than flowers. They feel that sending flowers is too common, everybody does it.

So we hope in this post to give you some other perspectives to just how beneficial sending flowers can be.

Flowers are a wonderful representation of nature. It reminds us on avery subtle level of just how mind blowing creation is. If you have ever looked at a flower closely in great detail you’ll understand what I mean. How can something so precise, so wondrously beautiful have been created? Really look at the detail of a flower it is truly amazing.

Most flowers also have hidden meanings and can represent different things. There is a hidden language of flowers. Learning more about there special meanings allows you to be able to send flowers that convey a special meaning based on where your relationship is at the moment.

If there is one gift that can lift the spirits of someone else is it giving flowers. Flowers are tremendous in bringing happiness and wellbeing to others. Research has proved over the years that being near plants and flowers can make a big difference to your wellbeing and your overall health. We have noticed that people that around flowers are plants are a lot more laid back. Flowers have also be noted for providing increases in creativity and focus so ideal for that home business. Probably are reason why all of us here a FBP are so laid back we’re horizontal!

A French study also suggested that women receiving flowers actually had an increase in their sexual drive. If that’s not a reason for more men to send flowers then I don’t know what!

There is nothing quite like receiving a bouquet bursting with beautiful coloured flowers, with sumptuous smells and gorgeous shapes from many different species of flower. This has an effect no matter when sent. Valentines Day is the most popular but an unexpected bouquet will make the biggest impression!