Birthday Gift Ideas For Friends and Family

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen from our customers, friends and family is not knowing what gift or which bouquet to buy someone for their Birthday. Every year we can find ourselves in that situation again. Often as each new year comes around with another Birthday, we are reminded of of the difficulties we had the previous year. This only adds to our current frustration and that frustration can block off our creative tendencies.

As each year goes by, the chances of you buying a unique gift are reduced. Otherwise it just ends up being the same Birthday lived every year. Taken out for breakfast, lunch or a nice dinner. The same or similar gifts and of course the customary bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes experiences can trump material possessions. Experiences can last a lifetime in memory but a material product for example can wear off in a short period of time.

We asked our customers, friends and family what their ideal or perfect gift would be and I think you will be surprised of the answers!

A beautiful elegant bouquet of flowers – Well I bet you didn’t expect that one coming! It may be clique but you would be surprised knowing the affect that flowers can have on someone. You can use flowers to convey almost any sentiment – love, joy, respect, compassion and of course care. Flower bouquets are made that little bit more special when they are delivered with a smiling loving face behind them.

Flowers have for centuries created deep positive feelings for those people that have received them as a gift from someone else. Flowers are so diverse that you can usually find flowers that have meanings related to the character of the person you are sending them to.

A personalised Birthday hamper – If you are the creative type then creating a Birthday hamper will give you a lot of fun enjoyment. You can really create a hamper that is based around the person you are giving it to. The great thing about hampers is that they contain many different gifts so you can create a theme around it. Themes could be a makeup hamper for your niece or a golfing hamper for your husband or a mans hamper consisting of toiletries, beer and potato based snacks. You can even add other items to the hamper such as personal photos, clothing, tickets, music and film. The choices are endless.

There are two fantastic ideas for you to have a think about!

What are you waiting for?!