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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Deciding on the right anniversary gift to send to your wife is a issue most men struggle with year after year. Most men follow tradition and typically order next day flowers by post.
For centuries, flowers have depicted love and romance and this is a tradition that is still true to this day,

It truly is hard to remember a time when a fresh, beautiful smelling bouquet of flowers were not closely related to love and to romance. Although roses have typically been the symbol of love there are many other options available when it comes to choosing your flowers to send.

There are are also different types of flowers that also signify how many years that you’ve been married.

Here’s some other options that correspond to the number of years a couple have been married.

Carnations are your typical 1st anniversary flower. Popular colours of carnation for anniversary are red, white and pink. One of the biggest benefits of carnations are the fact that they last a long time.

For 2 year anniversary, lilies are a favourite to send. A lily can signify the purity of ones heart,

The sunflower is the chosen flower for the 3rd year of anniversary. When planted the sunflower follows the path of the sun. This is why the sunflower is linked to devotion.

Hydrangea is popular for 4 year anniversaries. This beautiful flower has very petite petals that stem out from a gorgeous centre piece.

Daisies believe or not are a popular flower to send on your 5th year anniversary. Daisy’s typical depict innocence of the heart and were popular in Victorian times.

The trumpet shaped calla lily is a favourite for being married for 6 years. It is an unusually looking flower but still very beautiful.

If you’re lucky enough for your marriage to last 7 year lol then the flower of choice for anniversary flowers are freesias. This flower typically resembles faithfulness. This is because around the 7th year many couples experience some turbulence in their marriage. The freesia is a symbol of persevering through tough times.