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Popular Floral Trends for 2020

The trends in the flower industry are not different to the trends that happen in fashion or music. Its a never ending cycle of what’s in and what’s not. What was popular last year may not be this year.

Often things that was popular 20 or 30 years ago can find itself back in favour in modern times. as we said, it goes in cycles.

So whats hot for 2020?

Stems that Speak Volumes
One of the upcoming trends in the floristry market are stems. What we means is that bigger and bolder is becoming more popular. Long stems and large floral heads are quickly replacing the smaller flowers we’ve been used to seeing.

Bold Vases
Over the years the plain old vase had one job to do, hold the flowers in water and not fall over. These days though more emphasis is being placed on the vase itself. The vase can also become an important part or even the centrepiece of any beautiful bouquet. You can be very artistic with your vases and experiment with many shapes, colours and vase designs for the ultimate look and feel.

Drying Flowers
Have you ever received a gorgeous bouquet from a friend, lover or partner that you held onto for dear life? You loved the bouquet so much you wanted it to stay with you for as long as possible. Well no one says you have to throw it away. Flowers can be recycled and dried and kept for many years. Imagine treasuring that prized bouquet forever!

Doing More with Less
You don’t always have to go overboard and purchase bouquets that are over flowing with flowering beauty. In a world where we all have too many things, minimalism is becoming a lot more popular. You can create or buy a minimalistic bouquet and still make a powerful statement with it.


Birthday Gift Ideas For Friends and Family

One of the biggest issues we’ve seen from our customers, friends and family is not knowing what gift or which bouquet to buy someone for their Birthday. Every year we can find ourselves in that situation again. Often as each new year comes around with another Birthday, we are reminded of of the difficulties we had the previous year. This only adds to our current frustration and that frustration can block off our creative tendencies.

As each year goes by, the chances of you buying a unique gift are reduced. Otherwise it just ends up being the same Birthday lived every year. Taken out for breakfast, lunch or a nice dinner. The same or similar gifts and of course the customary bouquet of flowers.

Sometimes experiences can trump material possessions. Experiences can last a lifetime in memory but a material product for example can wear off in a short period of time.

We asked our customers, friends and family what their ideal or perfect gift would be and I think you will be surprised of the answers!

A beautiful elegant bouquet of flowers – Well I bet you didn’t expect that one coming! It may be clique but you would be surprised knowing the affect that flowers can have on someone. You can use flowers to convey almost any sentiment – love, joy, respect, compassion and of course care. Flower bouquets are made that little bit more special when they are delivered with a smiling loving face behind them.

Flowers have for centuries created deep positive feelings for those people that have received them as a gift from someone else. Flowers are so diverse that you can usually find flowers that have meanings related to the character of the person you are sending them to.

A personalised Birthday hamper – If you are the creative type then creating a Birthday hamper will give you a lot of fun enjoyment. You can really create a hamper that is based around the person you are giving it to. The great thing about hampers is that they contain many different gifts so you can create a theme around it. Themes could be a makeup hamper for your niece or a golfing hamper for your husband or a mans hamper consisting of toiletries, beer and potato based snacks. You can even add other items to the hamper such as personal photos, clothing, tickets, music and film. The choices are endless.

There are two fantastic ideas for you to have a think about!

What are you waiting for?!

Make Your Valentine Blush with These Gorgeous Flowers

Flowers are the most popular gift given to lovers, partners, spouses and friends on Valentines Day. Some people go to great lengths to find original and thoughtful gifts to give other than flowers. They feel that sending flowers is too common, everybody does it.

So we hope in this post to give you some other perspectives to just how beneficial sending flowers can be.

Flowers are a wonderful representation of nature. It reminds us on avery subtle level of just how mind blowing creation is. If you have ever looked at a flower closely in great detail you’ll understand what I mean. How can something so precise, so wondrously beautiful have been created? Really look at the detail of a flower it is truly amazing.

Most flowers also have hidden meanings and can represent different things. There is a hidden language of flowers. Learning more about there special meanings allows you to be able to send flowers that convey a special meaning based on where your relationship is at the moment.

If there is one gift that can lift the spirits of someone else is it giving flowers. Flowers are tremendous in bringing happiness and wellbeing to others. Research has proved over the years that being near plants and flowers can make a big difference to your wellbeing and your overall health. We have noticed that people that around flowers are plants are a lot more laid back. Flowers have also be noted for providing increases in creativity and focus so ideal for that home business. Probably are reason why all of us here a FBP are so laid back we’re horizontal!

A French study also suggested that women receiving flowers actually had an increase in their sexual drive. If that’s not a reason for more men to send flowers then I don’t know what!

There is nothing quite like receiving a bouquet bursting with beautiful coloured flowers, with sumptuous smells and gorgeous shapes from many different species of flower. This has an effect no matter when sent. Valentines Day is the most popular but an unexpected bouquet will make the biggest impression!

Using Colourful Flowers to Brighten Up Your Day

What a gorgeous time of the year Spring and Summer are. Blue skies, warm subtle winds, the birds singing from early morning and nature both domestically and in the wild full of beautiful colours and smells from flowers and plants.

Thats all very nice but many people spend most of their day at work coupled up inside. It can feel very frustrating being locked up for 8 hours with glances out of the window bing your only connection to the gorgeous nature that lies outside.

So what can you do for your workplace or office?

How about brightening up the place with a selection of bright beautiful blooms?

Bringing some brightly coloured plants and flowers into your workplace can bring a taste of nature into your workday.

So what are the best flowers that are well known for their brightness?

The Cockscomb
From the Amaranthaceae family this gorgeous coloured flower actually looks like the human brain. This is one of the most sensitive flowers when it comes to bacterial growth. So if this becomes one of your picks you will need to make sure that all due care is taken to keep the vase and water clean from bacteria.

This is a fantastic choice of flower to bring into your workplace or office. It comes in so many different colours and shapes making it a popular choice amongst  many. The bright yellow version of this flower is a favourite and did you know that the Chrysanthemum is one of the most purchased flowers all over the world. There are many wonderful things regarding this flower, it is very popular in Asia especially Japan where is stands for happiness. It is also one of the few flowers that lasts over the normal 10 day timeframe. Care should be taken when placing into a vase. You want to make sure you trim off any leaves or branch stems that would be below the vase opening.

This gives you a two great choices for brightening up your day and bringing a taste of nature into work.

Using the Right Flower Tools for Your Online Floristry Business

You have really great floristry skills and have always dreamed of owning your own online floristry business. There is so much to do, to buy, to have in place, it can seem to overwhelming. Not only do you have to now learn to market your new business, you need to have the systems in place to operate legitimately.

You’ll also need to form business relationships with flower suppliers, wrapping suppliers, accountants as well as credit card processing and banking.

So you get all of this in place but theres one thing you may of forgotten based on being to occupied elsewhere.  The worse thing is its one of the most important aspects of running your online flower shop on a day to day basis.

And that is – your floristry tools.

Sharp Knife
Working with blunt knives and shears is going to make it a lot harder to do your work efficiently and may also waste more of your valuable time. Now believe it or not but using blunt cutting instruments can actually block of the channels in a plant of flower that it used to soak up its much needed water. This can result in rotting and eventually dead flowers way before they’re typical lifespan.

Having a good set of pliers can really help make your day to day floral arranging easier. You’ll not only be working with flowers but wire and other types of plant too. Plier are great for cutting wire and other unnatural materials.

Flower Shears
Not all flowers stems will cut easy with a knife or other blade. Some of the stems you will work with will be think, strong and tough to cut. If you try to cut a stubborn stem with a tool that is not strong enough, you are going to be damaging a lot of flowers. This will cause your floral arrangements to not last as long as they should. Damage will make is difficult for your flowers to take in much needed water and nutrients.

Modern Day Flower Arranging

As a florist you are always trying to get the upper hand with your online flower shop. That could manifest in your marketing, the way that you present yourself, your price points and even the quality and presentation of your flower bouquets.

So now are we are in the end stages of spring, many different varieties of gorgeous flowers and plants are in bloom. This is a great time of the year for flowers whether thats in your garden or in the rooms of your house.

As a competitive business person you are always looking to get the edge on what you do. To learn and study new ways of doing things and becoming as creative as possible.

The act of arranging flowers is very therapeutic and relaxing. With flower arranging, the more you do it the better you will get and the more your signature bouquets will reflect your personal creativity.

So whether you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet from a friend or a loved one or you’re working with flowers, go and grab some flowers now that you can work with.

Understanding Your Flowers
Once you have your bouquet or selected flowers in front of you, it can really help you either lay each of the flowers down so that you can take a really good look at them. You want to look at their general shape, the direction the stems naturally lean towards and the positioning of the leaves and flowers.

Round Flowers
Flowers that are typically round are also the most colourful. The rose or carnation flower are prime example of round colourful blooms.

Spiky Flowers
These types of flowers point up and stand to attention. The spiky flower’s stem does not divide into other branches allowing it to be easily inserted into a bouquet. These flowers create height and depth for a really unique bouquet look.

Compound Florals
These are the types of flowers that are branched and have many dividing branches off of the main stem. These flowers really need to be positioned into your vase or bouquet first as they will be difficult to add in later.

We hope that gives you some creative ideas and knowledge to approach your flower arranging in a new light.

A Mothers Day Celebration No Matter Where You Are In The World

We are living in some strange times in Spring 2020. With Mothers days fast approaching many Mothers and their children are concerned how Mothers Day will play out even though it is still possible to send flowers by post uk. Distance hasn’t been something that has stopped lovers and friend over the years from remembering and celebrating each other every year. Why should Mothers Day be any different this year?

Times like these call for increased creativity. So if you are naturally creative you’ll be fine but if you’re not then don’t worry we got you covered.

So lets give you some unique ideas that you can pull off to please your Mum!

As we’ve said, many florists should still be operating with many having online portals. Be aware though that a florists stock will be low at the moment because of issues with their supply chain.

So no excuse for sending flowers and a card, even if its a eCard.

How do you replace the fact that you can’t be there in person?

Well we have what we think is a brilliant idea. These days technology is advanced. Most of us even out parents have access to a computer and a high speed Internet connection. So you could organise for the other members of the family to all cook their own Sunday dinner and all setup either FacetTime or Zoom and all have a virtual Mothers Day dinner together. We know that its not the same as being there in person and being able to hug your Mum but its the next best thing.

You all have a lovely dinner, you can chat as if you were there and also raise a glass and thank Mum for everything she’s done and continues to do.

To make it even more special you could all create a menu that you all then cook on the day. It will then at least feel that you are all sitting down together and eating the same meal.

Paper Flowers – The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Sending bouquets by post can be one of the best ways to make someones day, especially if they are someone you hold dear and close to your heart. Thats the fantastic benefit of sending flowers. It conveys your thoughts, the sights and smells of nature place in a special room in a special vase can bring a touch of nature to a home.

The downside of floral bouquets is their lifespan. Even if looked after properly using all the tips and tricks we’ve written about on our blog, they are only going to look good for a maximum of ten days until they droop and finally die.

So if you really want to make the bright colourful statement and have your room decorated all the time with lovely looking flowers, then there is a solution available.

Paper flowers! Yep, you heard it right. Now let us be clear. Paper flowers are not going to compete with a live bouquet of flowers because they’d never be able to match that fresh smell. But they are great to decoration purposes.

You can literally brighten up a room eternally! ?Unfortunately they may end up outliving you!

Paper flowers can be used at weddings and other celebrations. Ideal for aesthetic purposes but also great to incorporate into your gift wrapping and sending.

These paper flower arrangements look so elegant, so beautiful and so real that you would never be able to tell the difference. The only give away would be their lack of smell and the fact that they’d last forever!

You may think that the concept of paper flowers is relatively new. You’d be wrong, paper flowers actually date back as far as one hundred years B.C!

These hand crafted designs are simply stunning. Take a look for yourself. Do a search on Google or Instagram and see if you can tell the difference, we don’t think you will be able to.

So if you’re lost as to what gift to buy someone, consider a beautiful looking paper flower bouquet, a gift that will keep on giving.

The Elegant and Mysterious Black Flower

Looking to send someone some flowers by post but want to send something a little bit different? You know you want to send a bouquet of flowers but you just can’t decide which type of flower or more importantly which colour of flower to send.

Not a lot of people consider doing something a little out of the box. They tend to send the most common types of flower with the standard safe colours.

But, have you considered black flowers?

Black flowers are truly elegant and they have that element of mystery about them. They are also a very unique colour to send. We’ll let you into a little secret. There aren’t any actual black flowers. The black flowers that you think you see are really very dark shades of reds and purples. They just look black!

There is the notion that black flowers have a meaning of saying goodbye, so probably not the best choice for displaying your love on Valentines Day. However, some people like darker things or are into gothic looking clothes and jewellery.

So what types of flowers can you send that have that black feel?

Here’s our list to help you out.

The Black Pansy – As a hardy plant / flower, pansies are a all year round favourite for gardens, hanging baskets and they also make a great gift. Although this plant is dark purple and sure looks mysteriously black.

The Black Lily – This gorgeous looking flowers can be grown outdoors and they look fantastic in bouquets too. Again these aren’t black but a deep gorgeous purple red.

The Black Rose – Everyone loves a rose. Roses are so elegant whether displayed in your garden or as a bouquet. Its not an easy job to find black roses and in fact most of the time, the roses are actually painted black as there isn’t a natural colour that looks black.

So there you have three choices, you could always mix all three of them for an elegant, unique bouquet!

Gifts for Fathers Day

We sometimes forget just how much our Dads do for us. With Father’s Day approaching it can be difficult to decide what gift to get him as it’s not common to use flower delivery service like our. We take a lot for granted and don’t always notice the things that our Dads do for us. Ass a child it can seem that we don’t see a lot of our Dads. It can feel like they don’t want to spend time with us. But we often forget what our Dads are actually doing.

Our Dad’s are up early and go to work in most circumstances to a job they don’t enjoy. So why do they spend so much time at work and not at home playing with us when we were kids?

Well, how do you think that the food got into the cupboards? Or how you managed to stay warm and dry with a comfortable warm bed to sleep in? Our Dad’s and Mum’s in many cases provided those things.

As it Father’s day soon you want to get him something that shows how much you appreciate him for all that his done for you over the years.

This day isn’t exclusive to Dads but to all men that play a part in the lives of theres. Uncles, Grandad’s and even brothers. In all of this relations there can be a special man that deserves to be recognised.

If you’re looking for some help in gift buying for that special man on Fathers Day then you’re in the right place.

It can be a really nice gesture to prepare and cook and special breakfast for him. You could buy him a really cool breakfast hamper with jams, teas and coffees, grab some fresh croissants from the bakery and make him a breakfast fit for a king!

Most men enjoy going to the pub for a social drinks with their mates. Another great gift could be centred around the pub. You could make your own pub hamper. Stock it with an assortment of beers, lagers, ciders and also some savoury snacks such as crisps and also some chocolates.

Thats a couple of ideas for to use right away and we’ll have another post covering more suggestions being published soon.