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The Elegant and Mysterious Black Flower

Looking to send someone some flowers by post but want to send something a little bit different? You know you want to send a bouquet of flowers but you just can’t decide which type of flower or more importantly which colour of flower to send.

Not a lot of people consider doing something a little out of the box. They tend to send the most common types of flower with the standard safe colours.

But, have you considered black flowers?

Black flowers are truly elegant and they have that element of mystery about them. They are also a very unique colour to send. We’ll let you into a little secret. There aren’t any actual black flowers. The black flowers that you think you see are really very dark shades of reds and purples. They just look black!

There is the notion that black flowers have a meaning of saying goodbye, so probably not the best choice for displaying your love on Valentines Day. However, some people like darker things or are into gothic looking clothes and jewellery.

So what types of flowers can you send that have that black feel?

Here’s our list to help you out.

The Black Pansy – As a hardy plant / flower, pansies are a all year round favourite for gardens, hanging baskets and they also make a great gift. Although this plant is dark purple and sure looks mysteriously black.

The Black Lily – This gorgeous looking flowers can be grown outdoors and they look fantastic in bouquets too. Again these aren’t black but a deep gorgeous purple red.

The Black Rose – Everyone loves a rose. Roses are so elegant whether displayed in your garden or as a bouquet. Its not an easy job to find black roses and in fact most of the time, the roses are actually painted black as there isn’t a natural colour that looks black.

So there you have three choices, you could always mix all three of them for an elegant, unique bouquet!