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Why Are Blue Flowers So Rare?

Blue is such a wonderful colour and blue flowers by post can be so breathtaking beautiful. So why does there seem to be a lack of blue flowers?

When looking at a bouquet that has blue flowers in, the blue flowers always appear to look a little false. Because there is a lack of blue flowers around there are some secrets that go on in the world of floristry.

Did you know that many white flowers such as orchids that are grown to then have blue dye applied to their petals? It’s true, it’s a well know technique in the flower industry.

Now,┬áis it also true in nature? Is there a lack of blue flowers in nature too? Yes, the same is true in nature too. There are over 250,000 thousand specifies of flower and there isn’t even 10 percent of flowers that produce the colour of blue!

Scientists have been busy experimenting in their labs performing genetic experiments to produce a blue shade of flower. Scientists tried doing this after many years of cross breeding species failed to product the result of a blue flower.

It’s interesting that there isn’t actually a legitimate pigment of blue in plants. It’s a colour that flowers struggle to produce. So again the only way to achieve the colour of blue is experimenting with blue pigments. In fact even more interesting, it is actually the red pigment taken from flowers that is actually modified to produce the colour blue.

These clever pigment experiments and tricks as well as lighting tricks enable the blue flower to be present.

The blue flowers and plants that are in existence still attract insects that feed off of their pollen.

Unfortunately two of the most popular flowers of roses and tulips cannot produce a blue flower. A blue rose would certainly stand out and one of science’s goals is to produce a blue rose.