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Creating That Floral Festive Christmas Table

It won’t belong before Christmas is upon us again. What are your plans? Are you going to be entertaining family this year? If you are you may enjoy our suggested Christmas table flowers in this post.

Good luck to you if you are. Christmas is a wonderful time of year but can also be pretty stressful with all the things to think about, remember, buy and organise.

So if you do have a lot of family or friends over for Christmas dinner, they you’ll want to put something special on. Yes the menu you create and the food you prepare is of course important. You want everything to be just right. You want the people that attend to talk about your Christmas dinner for years to come.

You’ll want to put in the same amount of effort into your Christmas table layout and decoration as you do into the menu you’ll prepare.

So how can you do this? What can you do to make a big impact?

Let us help you with some of our Christmas table decorating ideas.

First you will need to consider what theme you will use for Christmas day. There are many different colours that work well for Christmas table settings. From crimson reds, golds, silvers, purples there are many colour themes you can choose. You tablecloth is going to be your canvas, your background material. The colour of your tablecloth is going to hugely influence your choice of colour for your theme. Reds for example will look better on a neutral colour of white, cream and maybe even gold. Contrast that for a second with using a black table cloth. Doesn’t quite have the same effect does it?

So remember to choose a nice neutral colour for your tablecloth. There are also a number of different styles and shapes that you can use. You can cover all of the table or have it drape across the table in a diamond shape.

Once you have chosen the main colour theme, you can look at bringing out specific tones of that colour with your tableware and accessories. Think napkins, crackers, placemats, floral arrangements. There is so many ways to customise a Christmas table for maximum impact.

We hope that’s given you some food for thought and we also hope you put some thought into your food!

You don’t want a beautifully laden table with a Christmas dinner that lacks taste!

Stunning Flower Colours at Autumn Time

Most of us love the Summer. Long days, the heat, the suntan and late nights relaxing in the garden. Trouble is after a lot of heat and no rain the colour can seem to fade from the country. It can feel quite bare and colourless but having some bright beautiful flowers delivered can make all the difference and brighten up yours or someone else’s day.

The Autumn can be such a beautiful month. One that starts to bring some colour back to the planet. The golds, deep orange and reds give off a calming and peaceful look. It is probably our favourite time of the year for us here at Flowers By Post. Our shop is stocked with such vibrant colours from the plants and flowers we stock.

Here are some of our Autumn favourites.

  • Red Oak Leaves
  • Kniphofia
  • Viburnam Compactum
  • Red Naomi Roses
  • Physalis
  • Helenium
  • Sanguisorbra

Some of these flowers not only shine radiant beautiful colours but there very makeup and anatomical structures are also very unique and interesting.

We’ve always found that the more unique you can be with your colours and the look and feel of your plants, flower arrangements and bouquets the more the impact they have on the receiver. The rich Autumn colours are always going to make a stunning impact and are such a unique gift to send a friend, partner, lover or spouse to brighten up their feelings after a drab, colourless Summer!

Have a look in our Autumn selection. Take our recommendations and design your very own unique and stunning bouquet. It will soon be time for the Christmas period and the vibrant deep reds and golds that are set off with holly and ivy. So make the most of the Autumn golds, yellows, greens and oranges before the Winter sets in and nature once again lays itself bare and drab with all of the lovely colours disappearing again until the Spring time.

What to Do With Your Used Christmas Tree

Theses so much buildup, stress, time and money spend leading up to Christmas. So much to buy and organise. Presents, food, decorations, flowers, Christmas tree and much more. Before you know it, it’s all over. It can seem like a lot of effort for something that’s over in the blink of an eye.

From Christmas day there is typically a huge clean up operation. A cleanup you don’t really want to do until Boxing day but even then you may be entertaining again or have to go out and visit family or friends.

As Christmas continues to become a distant memory you have some decisions to make.

What are you going to do with the real Christmas tree that your bought? It was the pride your home during Xmas. There’s nothing better than sitting in the room where the tree resides and have just the Xmas tree lights on. It creates such a wonderful atmosphere.

If you purchased a real tree, it most likely wasn’t cheap and once it stripped bare of all it’s decorations, you need to do something with it.

These days, if something can be recycles then it should.

Here are some sound ideas for what you can do with your tree.

Get it recycled – Regardless of whether you its an artificial or a real Xmas tree, you don’t want to just throw it in the general household rubbish bin. Artificial can be taken down to your local recycling tip and your real trees can be chopped up and placed into your garden waste recycling bin.

Reuse It – If you were luck enough to have purchased a real tree then you have the option of planting it into your garden and make some feature from it. That said, you would have had to have purchased one with roots in order to replant it. Christmas trees are not going to really like a lot of sun some find a nice shady area in your garden. The best time for planting maybe spring so you can leave it in its pot. If you have a shed to keep it in for the time being then do that so your tree gets used to the conditions and not just planted when its cold.


Making Your Own Floral Table Decoration

It is an exciting prospect. Hosting a dinner party or having he family around for Christmas dinner. You’ll get the chance to decorate the table whether for Christmas, a dinner party or even Mothers Day with a floral decoration.  A beautifully decorated table with table cloths, decorations and scented candles can make entertaining so enjoyable.

Let’s look at some ideas for decorating your table. Today we’ll cover the Christmas table.

Reds are typically the colour associated with Christmas. You can add some different colours and feels to your Xmas colour palette too. Golds, whites and or adding other touches such as pinecones can make that really authentic yule time look. Everything can be themed or carefully picked to match and enhance your theme,

Floral table runners, hanging decorations on the backs of chairs, you can even gather bundles of cinnamon sticks, tie them with Christmas ribbon and place them strategically in the table. If you are creative you can also experiment with how you present your table napkins.

You can also use the seasonal weather to inspire you. The Autumn and Winter months can provide some very rich colours. These colours won’t be as strong as your Christmas reds but can provide a subtle touch of elegance. There is really no limit on how creative you can be. You can either buy or collect logs from outside, clean them up and have them as part of your table theme. Oranges can also be added into the colour scheme and the citrous smells can certainly add to the Christmas atmosphere.

A gothic table theme can also work wonders. Tall celtic looking wine glasses and candelabras mixed with purples and violets can make a truly stunning and unique theme for that family Christmas day.

There are some many areas that you can decorate. Creating gorgeous little name tags in order to co-ordinate where people will sit to the lighting of subtly place incense sticks that slowly burn and release a wonderful yuletide aroma.

You have so many options. Get creative and don’t forget how flowers can really make your table on Christmas day the talk of the family.