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Plumping Up the Volume in Your Bouquet Arrangements

Flower arranging is a unique skill. Once that can take many years to commercially good at. As professional floral arranger at we often get asked for our advice and tips on how the receivers of bouquets can make the best out of arranging their flowers.

There is nothing worse than receiving a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, bringing out your favourite vase, arranging your flowers but left with gaping holes in your floral display.

Does this happen to you? Yes frustrating isn’t it?

Well today we’ve got some awesome tips to help you solve those common flower arranging problems.

There is nothing worse that placing your bouquet in a special vase and then not being able to arrange the flowers in a way that does your flowers any justice. Either you experience gaps in your bouquet or you just cannot seem to fit in the odd flower and get it exactly where you want it.

Once of the best tips we give out is once you receive a bouquet don’t rush to cram it in your vase. Lay out all of the flowers on some newspaper. Sort the flowers into different categories. Those categories should be by length of stem and also the strength of the stem.

What we want to do first is to start creating our bouquet by placing our medium sized stems in the vase first. This will give us our starting point and a level base from which to build from. As always make sure you prune or cut off any protruding stems or leaves that will sit below the top of the vase.

Many people also believe that each flower should be placed straight up and down. This is one mistake that can ruin your arrangement. As you place each flower individually, be sure to place each alternative flower in a diagonal fashion. After you’ve place a few more flowers it will look like the stems actually criss cross each other.

If you have many flowers in your soft stem category, you can now place those in your vase and placing them next to your stronger stems will help. Another great tip is to also place those soft stems around the edges of your vase. This will help some of them lean over giving you a nice draping look to your arrangement.

We hope these tips are going to help you with your flower arranging skills!

Using the Right Flower Tools for Your Online Floristry Business

You have really great floristry skills and have always dreamed of owning your own online floristry business. There is so much to do, to buy, to have in place, it can seem to overwhelming. Not only do you have to now learn to market your new business, you need to have the systems in place to operate legitimately.

You’ll also need to form business relationships with flower suppliers, wrapping suppliers, accountants as well as credit card processing and banking.

So you get all of this in place but theres one thing you may of forgotten based on being to occupied elsewhere.  The worse thing is its one of the most important aspects of running your online flower shop on a day to day basis.

And that is – your floristry tools.

Sharp Knife
Working with blunt knives and shears is going to make it a lot harder to do your work efficiently and may also waste more of your valuable time. Now believe it or not but using blunt cutting instruments can actually block of the channels in a plant of flower that it used to soak up its much needed water. This can result in rotting and eventually dead flowers way before they’re typical lifespan.

Having a good set of pliers can really help make your day to day floral arranging easier. You’ll not only be working with flowers but wire and other types of plant too. Plier are great for cutting wire and other unnatural materials.

Flower Shears
Not all flowers stems will cut easy with a knife or other blade. Some of the stems you will work with will be think, strong and tough to cut. If you try to cut a stubborn stem with a tool that is not strong enough, you are going to be damaging a lot of flowers. This will cause your floral arrangements to not last as long as they should. Damage will make is difficult for your flowers to take in much needed water and nutrients.

Modern Day Flower Arranging

As a florist you are always trying to get the upper hand with your online flower shop. That could manifest in your marketing, the way that you present yourself, your price points and even the quality and presentation of your flower bouquets.

So now are we are in the end stages of spring, many different varieties of gorgeous flowers and plants are in bloom. This is a great time of the year for flowers whether thats in your garden or in the rooms of your house.

As a competitive business person you are always looking to get the edge on what you do. To learn and study new ways of doing things and becoming as creative as possible.

The act of arranging flowers is very therapeutic and relaxing. With flower arranging, the more you do it the better you will get and the more your signature bouquets will reflect your personal creativity.

So whether you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet from a friend or a loved one or you’re working with flowers, go and grab some flowers now that you can work with.

Understanding Your Flowers
Once you have your bouquet or selected flowers in front of you, it can really help you either lay each of the flowers down so that you can take a really good look at them. You want to look at their general shape, the direction the stems naturally lean towards and the positioning of the leaves and flowers.

Round Flowers
Flowers that are typically round are also the most colourful. The rose or carnation flower are prime example of round colourful blooms.

Spiky Flowers
These types of flowers point up and stand to attention. The spiky flower’s stem does not divide into other branches allowing it to be easily inserted into a bouquet. These flowers create height and depth for a really unique bouquet look.

Compound Florals
These are the types of flowers that are branched and have many dividing branches off of the main stem. These flowers really need to be positioned into your vase or bouquet first as they will be difficult to add in later.

We hope that gives you some creative ideas and knowledge to approach your flower arranging in a new light.

Seed Sowing and Growing Your Own Flowers

Theres nothing like a fresh cut display or bouquet of gorgeous smelling flowers whether you visit the florist or have send flowers by post.

But have you ever thought about growing your own gorgeous flowers? “I’d never be able to do that and rival the flowers in the florists”.  Well, we’ve got news for you. This is avery possible and we’re going to give you some ideas of exactly how you can do that.

It all starts as you can imagine, with planting those seeds. This is the foundation for growing beautiful flowers.

Make sure you purchase a good number of bags of peat free compost. Use a peat free compost if you have the ability to water your plants at least every day. If you have such a busy schedule that you’re unable to do that then consider a compost that includes agents to enable it to remain moist.

Once you have returned with your bags of compost another great tip can be to use a sieve to run your compost through. Filing your seed trays with sieved compost allows you to remove any larger lumps of compost which in turn removes the potential for excess air to get in which increases the quality of germination.

Once you have your compost in your seed trays and you have planted your seeds according to the seed suppliers instructions, you may be concerned as to where to keep your trays in order to get the best results. Should they have good light or be placed in the dark or in the warmth or the cold?

We use a product called Vermiculite. This is great  for holding seeds down in their place because when you water regularly, the splashing of the water can cause the seeds to rise up so they end of with no compost coverage. This of course will affect how well your seeds germinate.

When buying your seed, ensure you buy good quality. As with anything in life, paying for better quality items can work in your favour especially in the long run and thats important when growing beautiful flowers.

Thinking of a Career in Floristry?

It’s hard to believe just how many years of our life we spend working. On average its probably about 55 years. Thats a long time so it’s so important that you enjoy what you do as much as we do in running our online flower shop.

So maybe you’ve just got to the point where what you’re currently doing for work is tiring and unfulfilling. Have you ever thought about becoming a florist?

There are so many other professions incorporating floristry skills into their businesses. From photographers, estate agents to interior designers. All of these professionals work can be enhanced using flowers. Of course knowing how to arrange them in the ideal way is critically important.

If you are seriously thinking about starting your own floristry business just remember that being able to put a bouquet together and arrange it well is just a small part of the business.

You need to be adept in marketing and building your brand. You want people to know that you exist and why they should come to you versus your competitors. Then theres the finance side of things and if you have staff then leadership skills will also be needed.

With any business is a good idea to self reflect and ask yourself why floristry. What do you think it will do for you. You don’t want to end up working for 55 years doing something else you don’t really enjoy.

There’s also the question of how you will learn the skills necessary for floristry. You could do a college or night school course, hire the expertise of a teacher or mentor and even take an online floristry course.  Of course the more hands on experience you get the better. Unfortunately most of us cannot afford to stop our current work completely in order to learn a new skill. If we take on a new career move into floristry we will also more likely have to juggle our current commitments of work, family, our social life as well as finding the time to study floristry.