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Using Colourful Flowers to Brighten Up Your Day

What a gorgeous time of the year Spring and Summer are. Blue skies, warm subtle winds, the birds singing from early morning and nature both domestically and in the wild full of beautiful colours and smells from flowers and plants.

Thats all very nice but many people spend most of their day at work coupled up inside. It can feel very frustrating being locked up for 8 hours with glances out of the window bing your only connection to the gorgeous nature that lies outside.

So what can you do for your workplace or office?

How about brightening up the place with a selection of bright beautiful blooms?

Bringing some brightly coloured plants and flowers into your workplace can bring a taste of nature into your workday.

So what are the best flowers that are well known for their brightness?

The Cockscomb
From the Amaranthaceae family this gorgeous coloured flower actually looks like the human brain. This is one of the most sensitive flowers when it comes to bacterial growth. So if this becomes one of your picks you will need to make sure that all due care is taken to keep the vase and water clean from bacteria.

This is a fantastic choice of flower to bring into your workplace or office. It comes in so many different colours and shapes making it a popular choice amongst  many. The bright yellow version of this flower is a favourite and did you know that the Chrysanthemum is one of the most purchased flowers all over the world. There are many wonderful things regarding this flower, it is very popular in Asia especially Japan where is stands for happiness. It is also one of the few flowers that lasts over the normal 10 day timeframe. Care should be taken when placing into a vase. You want to make sure you trim off any leaves or branch stems that would be below the vase opening.

This gives you a two great choices for brightening up your day and bringing a taste of nature into work.

Using the Right Flower Tools for Your Online Floristry Business

You have really great floristry skills and have always dreamed of owning your own online floristry business. There is so much to do, to buy, to have in place, it can seem to overwhelming. Not only do you have to now learn to market your new business, you need to have the systems in place to operate legitimately.

You’ll also need to form business relationships with flower suppliers, wrapping suppliers, accountants as well as credit card processing and banking.

So you get all of this in place but theres one thing you may of forgotten based on being to occupied elsewhere.  The worse thing is its one of the most important aspects of running your online flower shop on a day to day basis.

And that is – your floristry tools.

Sharp Knife
Working with blunt knives and shears is going to make it a lot harder to do your work efficiently and may also waste more of your valuable time. Now believe it or not but using blunt cutting instruments can actually block of the channels in a plant of flower that it used to soak up its much needed water. This can result in rotting and eventually dead flowers way before they’re typical lifespan.

Having a good set of pliers can really help make your day to day floral arranging easier. You’ll not only be working with flowers but wire and other types of plant too. Plier are great for cutting wire and other unnatural materials.

Flower Shears
Not all flowers stems will cut easy with a knife or other blade. Some of the stems you will work with will be think, strong and tough to cut. If you try to cut a stubborn stem with a tool that is not strong enough, you are going to be damaging a lot of flowers. This will cause your floral arrangements to not last as long as they should. Damage will make is difficult for your flowers to take in much needed water and nutrients.

Modern Day Flower Arranging

As a florist you are always trying to get the upper hand with your online flower shop. That could manifest in your marketing, the way that you present yourself, your price points and even the quality and presentation of your flower bouquets.

So now are we are in the end stages of spring, many different varieties of gorgeous flowers and plants are in bloom. This is a great time of the year for flowers whether thats in your garden or in the rooms of your house.

As a competitive business person you are always looking to get the edge on what you do. To learn and study new ways of doing things and becoming as creative as possible.

The act of arranging flowers is very therapeutic and relaxing. With flower arranging, the more you do it the better you will get and the more your signature bouquets will reflect your personal creativity.

So whether you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet from a friend or a loved one or you’re working with flowers, go and grab some flowers now that you can work with.

Understanding Your Flowers
Once you have your bouquet or selected flowers in front of you, it can really help you either lay each of the flowers down so that you can take a really good look at them. You want to look at their general shape, the direction the stems naturally lean towards and the positioning of the leaves and flowers.

Round Flowers
Flowers that are typically round are also the most colourful. The rose or carnation flower are prime example of round colourful blooms.

Spiky Flowers
These types of flowers point up and stand to attention. The spiky flower’s stem does not divide into other branches allowing it to be easily inserted into a bouquet. These flowers create height and depth for a really unique bouquet look.

Compound Florals
These are the types of flowers that are branched and have many dividing branches off of the main stem. These flowers really need to be positioned into your vase or bouquet first as they will be difficult to add in later.

We hope that gives you some creative ideas and knowledge to approach your flower arranging in a new light.

How To Keep Your Valentines Roses Fresh

The romance, passion and love has been bestowed on you this Valentines day. You feel fantastic and more in love then ever. Your man as made many romantic gestures of his love for you this Valentines day including breakfast in bed consisting of smoked salmon, scrambled egg, a glass of bubbly and 12 beautiful red roses.

So after breakfast you jump in the shower and get ready for a day out with your man. You come down stairs and start to arrange your beautiful red roses in a carefully chosen vase. You stand back and admire what represents the love you feel in the moment. How can you make those red roses stay around forever?

Well we can’t do magic and grant you that wish but we can give you tips to make your beautiful roses last a lot longer.

Now you may have already arranged your roses in your special vase. But, did you take the time to check the vase to make sure it was squeaky clean? Any sign of bacteria in there and your roses are not going to last long. Wash it out thoroughly with warm soapy water. Ensure that your vase is the right height to support the length of your rose stems.

Fill your vase with water leaving a third of the vase free. Open your plant food sachet, empty it into the water and stir thoroughly.

Remove all the packaging that your roses cam in. Ensure there are no protective elements in there. Take a pair of scissors or secateurs and cut approximately 20mm off of the bottom of the roses stem. Be sure to cut diagonally.

Run your eyes over the stems, specifically the parts of the stems that will be immersed in water. What you want to do is make sure you remove any thorns or small shoots so that your roses will sit nicely in their vase.

Place your roses into your vase and arrange as needed. Make sure that on every 3rd day you remove your roses from the vase, cut the stems again and replace the water and plant food.

We hope you enjoy your gorgeous roses.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer

So you’ve been lucky enough to receive a lovely bouquet of Valentines roses or maybe a beautiful anniversary flowers delivered by post to your door.

The were delivered to you so brightly coloured, crisp with gorgeous aromas and quite frankly, you want them to stay that way for as long as possible!

Did you know that many different household substances can actually help your flowers to live and be healthy longer?

Today we’ll share some of those household items so you can try them yourself.


Sugar can really help to keep your flowers fresher for longer. When mixed with vinegar it really becomes a potent potion! Vinegar is great for eliminating any bacterial growth and sugar is simply a fantastic flower nourisher.


Bleach? You’ve got to be kidding? Well, actually no!

We’re only advising on adding a small amount your vase water. Bleach keep the water looking crystal clear as well as repelling bacteria away.


Now you’re talking 🙂 ! A sip for the flowers and a sip for yourself. Ok, getting carried away here!

One of the closely guarded secrets of the flower industry is actually Vodka. The real secret to long lasting flowers or plants is the ability to keep bacteria out of the water. Another important factor is also making sure that the flowers receive adequate nourish that they would of benefitted from should they still be growing in the soil.

It is good to get into the practice of changing the water at least every day and topping it up with just a little sugar and Vodka. This recipe will really help your bouquet to flourish!


Is there anything apple cider vinegar can’t help! This is truly one of those household ingredients you cannot live without. It has many purpose but I bet you didn’t know it can benefit your flowers? All of the above mentioned tonics are really helping to nourish the flowers and keep the water clean of bacteria. Of course you can add the sugar with the apple cider vinegar to achieve just that.

Put these household tips to use and watch your flowers stay with you for longer!