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Is It Appropriate to Send Flowers to a Funeral?

Most of us have been to a funeral at least once in our lives. Despite the sad occasion you may have noticed many different varieties of floral arrangement that were present. But many people still don’t know that most online florists do flowers posted.  You have seen them in the chapel of rest. in the church and placed around the cremation or burial sites.

Flowers at this time should signify your condolences, show respect and provide compassion and comfort.

But many of us find it difficult to now what flowers would be appropriate to send or take to a funeral. Most people will of course over analyse this process. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Any type of floral bouquet can be sent. There is no wrong bouquet that you can send.

Many people also get confused on where to send their flowers. To the funeral home, to the deceased’s family home or to take them to the church.

Certainly if you cannot attend the funeral personally, you can order a beautiful wreath or bouquet and have it delivered to the deceased’s family home. I am sure they will appreciate the gesture and they’ll understand that you’re thinking of them at this time even though you couldn’t be there in person.

Many people also come together and all contribute money towards buying a wreath or some other suitable flowers. Many families that have lost someone set up charities so that you can make a contribution there instead of sending flowers.

It is always a nice idea to send flowers, there are many nice arrangements that can be sent in a eloquent vase.

Here are some of our ideas to give you some inspiration:

Perhaps you know which flowers the family likes best. If you do you can order a bouquet that suits and have it delivered to the family home.

You have the option to also buy plants or flowers that can be planted in the family garden. Something they can cherish and remember the deceased by.

If you’re looking to buy flowers that can be placed on the coffin, you want something that over hangs and has a natural wide spread.

If the deceased were a child, you can buy something that incorporates a teddy bear or their favourite toy.