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Using the Right Flower Tools for Your Online Floristry Business

You have really great floristry skills and have always dreamed of owning your own online floristry business. There is so much to do, to buy, to have in place, it can seem to overwhelming. Not only do you have to now learn to market your new business, you need to have the systems in place to operate legitimately.

You’ll also need to form business relationships with flower suppliers, wrapping suppliers, accountants as well as credit card processing and banking.

So you get all of this in place but theres one thing you may of forgotten based on being to occupied elsewhere.  The worse thing is its one of the most important aspects of running your online flower shop on a day to day basis.

And that is – your floristry tools.

Sharp Knife
Working with blunt knives and shears is going to make it a lot harder to do your work efficiently and may also waste more of your valuable time. Now believe it or not but using blunt cutting instruments can actually block of the channels in a plant of flower that it used to soak up its much needed water. This can result in rotting and eventually dead flowers way before they’re typical lifespan.

Having a good set of pliers can really help make your day to day floral arranging easier. You’ll not only be working with flowers but wire and other types of plant too. Plier are great for cutting wire and other unnatural materials.

Flower Shears
Not all flowers stems will cut easy with a knife or other blade. Some of the stems you will work with will be think, strong and tough to cut. If you try to cut a stubborn stem with a tool that is not strong enough, you are going to be damaging a lot of flowers. This will cause your floral arrangements to not last as long as they should. Damage will make is difficult for your flowers to take in much needed water and nutrients.

Modern Day Flower Arranging

As a florist you are always trying to get the upper hand with your online flower shop. That could manifest in your marketing, the way that you present yourself, your price points and even the quality and presentation of your flower bouquets.

So now are we are in the end stages of spring, many different varieties of gorgeous flowers and plants are in bloom. This is a great time of the year for flowers whether thats in your garden or in the rooms of your house.

As a competitive business person you are always looking to get the edge on what you do. To learn and study new ways of doing things and becoming as creative as possible.

The act of arranging flowers is very therapeutic and relaxing. With flower arranging, the more you do it the better you will get and the more your signature bouquets will reflect your personal creativity.

So whether you’ve just received a beautiful bouquet from a friend or a loved one or you’re working with flowers, go and grab some flowers now that you can work with.

Understanding Your Flowers
Once you have your bouquet or selected flowers in front of you, it can really help you either lay each of the flowers down so that you can take a really good look at them. You want to look at their general shape, the direction the stems naturally lean towards and the positioning of the leaves and flowers.

Round Flowers
Flowers that are typically round are also the most colourful. The rose or carnation flower are prime example of round colourful blooms.

Spiky Flowers
These types of flowers point up and stand to attention. The spiky flower’s stem does not divide into other branches allowing it to be easily inserted into a bouquet. These flowers create height and depth for a really unique bouquet look.

Compound Florals
These are the types of flowers that are branched and have many dividing branches off of the main stem. These flowers really need to be positioned into your vase or bouquet first as they will be difficult to add in later.

We hope that gives you some creative ideas and knowledge to approach your flower arranging in a new light.

Missed Someones Birthday?

The pace of life these days is very fast for most of us. Normally you would send flowers to your best friend but this year with all that’s going on, you forgot!

You could kick yourself. Normally you are so good, organised and never forget any occasion. You’ve been busy at your work, busy in the home with the family, social life etc. Maybe you could of let yourself off and given yourself some slack but it was your best friends Birthday you forget!

You may have given yourself some leeway but with online calendars that send you automated reminders and heck Facebook even tells you when it’s someones Birthday!

Now, we have all forgotten an occasion before, we’re all human I’m afraid. Not everyone is going to list their Birthday in their Facebook profile so you’ll need to remind yourself in other ways.

We can assure you you’re not alone. According to Interflora, around 20% of people that send flowers initially forgot the actual occasions! So you have good company!

So lets forget about feeling sorry for yourselves or avoid doing anything about it. So you missed it by a day. Imagine this, if someone forgot your Birthday but then made up for it a day later would you really care? If your best friend turned up at your door with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates would you be annoyed with them or would that take you by surprise?

You didn’t congratulate them or send them anything on their Birthday but you can still make up for it. The longer you leave it the worse its going to get.

So have a think, what can you do? What can you buy them and how can you create  special, personalised time for your best friend? How about stopping by the local florist to pick up a stunning bouquet. Then, grabbing a bottle of bubbly and a box of decadent dark chocolates and then texting your best friend to say you are on your way.

You could spend a couple of hours lounging on your best friends sofa with a glass of bubbly, demolishing the box of chocolates catching up on all the latest gossip. After surprising her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers they are now lovingly displayed on her coffee table!


Florists Mothers Day Challenge in the Current Pandemic

As of Spring time in 2020, many businesses are facing huge challenges in order to keep running. This is heavily affecting the floristry business both online and offline. Every supply change during this current pandemic has been affected.

With Mothers day approaching, many florists are experiencing the issue of having limited stock.

This is devastating seeing as though just under 70% of gifts given on Mothers Day are plants and flower bouquets.

A lot of this comes down to many business owners confused at to who is classed as a essential worker. Now, we consider ourselves essential workers based on the happiness, joy and cheer our flowers and plants deliver but there are other key businesses such as our supply chain that may be forced to close temporarily. This in turn affects our access to flower and plant stock.

There is also another issue that the current pandemic brings. Flower farmers have been growing and tending to their fields of flowers and now many can’t get out to maintain them or have any where to sell them to. This could end up with a lot of wasted stock.

May florists both online and offline such as ourselves are adapting to this crisis the best that we can. For now we continue to deliver but with restrictions. We will delivery bouquets to your front door step, then know on the door and leave. We also will not be using as many flowers in a bouquet than we would normally use. So these are our restrictions for now but these will revert back to normal once everything gets back to normal again.

On some occasions we may not being able to fulfil your order specifically. In some instances we will have to use other flowers to stand in for those we don’t have. We will of course notify you of these replacements.

These times are challenging for all but we are very happy to be able to keep providing you, our loyal customers with plant and flower bouquet deliveries! Thank you.

Using Locally Grown Flowers

The Spring time is one of our favourite times of year especially for sending cheap flowers by post. After the cold winter months where everything is laid bare, Spring is very much welcomed.

From bleak, grey landscapes with bare trees and bushes, Spring is the time where everything awakens. It’s like nature is born again which is why is it a metaphor for Easter and the resurrection of Jesus.

We love to sit in our conservatory and watch the plants, flowers and trees start to wake up!

It’s a busy time for online florists like ourselves with Easter, Mothers Day, International Woman’s Day.

It’s also a busy time of year for flower farmers although with the current pandemic local businesses are having to make shifts in the way the run and operate their businesses.

Many local flower farmers are now starting to run their own delivery services. It is really the most adaptive businesses that look at recessions as opportunities. At the moment, the main flower wholesalers are struggling to supply florists and online flower delivery websites with stock. So local flower farmers are seizing this opportunity.

This is a new experience for flower farmers as they’ve never offered the shipping and delivery of their flowers.

There seems to be a concerted effort to make the general public know that flower farmers are available to offer the shipping and delivery of freshly cut and locally grown flowers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see a new line of online directories that showcase locally grown product and products. After all, removing away from a centralised model for food and other products reduces costs and produces food, flowers and other products that are a lot more healthier. This is achieved because there is no mass produced centralised system who’s only goal is maximum profit.