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A Mothers Day Celebration No Matter Where You Are In The World

We are living in some strange times in Spring 2020. With Mothers days fast approaching many Mothers and their children are concerned how Mothers Day will play out even though it is still possible to send flowers by post uk. Distance hasn’t been something that has stopped lovers and friend over the years from remembering and celebrating each other every year. Why should Mothers Day be any different this year?

Times like these call for increased creativity. So if you are naturally creative you’ll be fine but if you’re not then don’t worry we got you covered.

So lets give you some unique ideas that you can pull off to please your Mum!

As we’ve said, many florists should still be operating with many having online portals. Be aware though that a florists stock will be low at the moment because of issues with their supply chain.

So no excuse for sending flowers and a card, even if its a eCard.

How do you replace the fact that you can’t be there in person?

Well we have what we think is a brilliant idea. These days technology is advanced. Most of us even out parents have access to a computer and a high speed Internet connection. So you could organise for the other members of the family to all cook their own Sunday dinner and all setup either FacetTime or Zoom and all have a virtual Mothers Day dinner together. We know that its not the same as being there in person and being able to hug your Mum but its the next best thing.

You all have a lovely dinner, you can chat as if you were there and also raise a glass and thank Mum for everything she’s done and continues to do.

To make it even more special you could all create a menu that you all then cook on the day. It will then at least feel that you are all sitting down together and eating the same meal.

Making Your Own Floral Table Decoration

It is an exciting prospect. Hosting a dinner party or having he family around for Christmas dinner. You’ll get the chance to decorate the table whether for Christmas, a dinner party or even Mothers Day with a floral decoration.  A beautifully decorated table with table cloths, decorations and scented candles can make entertaining so enjoyable.

Let’s look at some ideas for decorating your table. Today we’ll cover the Christmas table.

Reds are typically the colour associated with Christmas. You can add some different colours and feels to your Xmas colour palette too. Golds, whites and or adding other touches such as pinecones can make that really authentic yule time look. Everything can be themed or carefully picked to match and enhance your theme,

Floral table runners, hanging decorations on the backs of chairs, you can even gather bundles of cinnamon sticks, tie them with Christmas ribbon and place them strategically in the table. If you are creative you can also experiment with how you present your table napkins.

You can also use the seasonal weather to inspire you. The Autumn and Winter months can provide some very rich colours. These colours won’t be as strong as your Christmas reds but can provide a subtle touch of elegance. There is really no limit on how creative you can be. You can either buy or collect logs from outside, clean them up and have them as part of your table theme. Oranges can also be added into the colour scheme and the citrous smells can certainly add to the Christmas atmosphere.

A gothic table theme can also work wonders. Tall celtic looking wine glasses and candelabras mixed with purples and violets can make a truly stunning and unique theme for that family Christmas day.

There are some many areas that you can decorate. Creating gorgeous little name tags in order to co-ordinate where people will sit to the lighting of subtly place incense sticks that slowly burn and release a wonderful yuletide aroma.

You have so many options. Get creative and don’t forget how flowers can really make your table on Christmas day the talk of the family.

What is the Official Flower for Mother’s Day?

Mothers day is celebrated all around the world with many people looking for the best flowers by post uk. Many countries celebrate it but in some places on different dates. Why celebrate the Mothers of this world. Well ever since you were born, you’ve been loved, cared for, looked after and God knows what else up until your point in life.

It’s amazing the things that most mums do. Cook, clean, wash, iron, pack school bags, help with homework, do the shopping, took you to extra after school activities, all whilst working a job!!

Pretty amazing stuff and certainly worthy of reward.

Many mum are also a tower of support, a ear that listens with wise words spoken at times of personal challenges.

So, its no wonder why we dedicate and celebrate a special day each year to all those Mums!

If you want to get Mum so beautiful flowers then the carnation is really the official Mothers Day flowers.

Ancient Greece seems to be the place where the tradition of Mothers Day first started. Apparently the Romans marked this day dedicated to specific Gods. It took many centuries until the tradition found its way into Europe around the 1800’s.

Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday also had religious connotations which meant that one would travel back to visit their first church and pay homage to it. Over time it transitioned to be celebrated in the fashion that it does today but families giving gifts of flowers, chocolates, family time and also the chance to come together as a family and celebrate.

The carnation for Mothers day goes back to the US and a girl called Anna Jarvis. She was said to have delivered hundreds of white carnations to the Sunday school where here Mother taught. Anna asked for each Mother to be given a white carnation every time they visited the church. It’s a good job that carnations are one of the longest lasting flowers once cut.