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Making Your Own Floral Table Decoration

It is an exciting prospect. Hosting a dinner party or having he family around for Christmas dinner. You’ll get the chance to decorate the table whether for Christmas, a dinner party or even Mothers Day with a floral decoration.  A beautifully decorated table with table cloths, decorations and scented candles can make entertaining so enjoyable.

Let’s look at some ideas for decorating your table. Today we’ll cover the Christmas table.

Reds are typically the colour associated with Christmas. You can add some different colours and feels to your Xmas colour palette too. Golds, whites and or adding other touches such as pinecones can make that really authentic yule time look. Everything can be themed or carefully picked to match and enhance your theme,

Floral table runners, hanging decorations on the backs of chairs, you can even gather bundles of cinnamon sticks, tie them with Christmas ribbon and place them strategically in the table. If you are creative you can also experiment with how you present your table napkins.

You can also use the seasonal weather to inspire you. The Autumn and Winter months can provide some very rich colours. These colours won’t be as strong as your Christmas reds but can provide a subtle touch of elegance. There is really no limit on how creative you can be. You can either buy or collect logs from outside, clean them up and have them as part of your table theme. Oranges can also be added into the colour scheme and the citrous smells can certainly add to the Christmas atmosphere.

A gothic table theme can also work wonders. Tall celtic looking wine glasses and candelabras mixed with purples and violets can make a truly stunning and unique theme for that family Christmas day.

There are some many areas that you can decorate. Creating gorgeous little name tags in order to co-ordinate where people will sit to the lighting of subtly place incense sticks that slowly burn and release a wonderful yuletide aroma.

You have so many options. Get creative and don’t forget how flowers can really make your table on Christmas day the talk of the family.

Decorating Your Wedding Day Venue with Flowers

Part of the rigorous planning decisions you will be faced with for your wedding day will be how to use gorgeous flower arrangements in the church, on the car and around your wedding reception venue.

Here are courtesy of us some ideas on what you can do with flowers on your wedding day.

For some couples, decorating their wedding day comes down to using paper decorations, ribbons and bunting. Not that those are bad ideas, they can make your wedding day look great but they do not have the same effect as decorating with fresh flowers.

Church Entrance – This is an often overlooked area to decorate. It is one of the most symbolic areas of your wedding day. Have a professional florist work with you to design an archway of flowers that go over the door can great a truly stunning effect. Please check with your vicar and church first to see of they have any guidelines or will even allow you to do this.

Wedding Table Flowers – The top table will contain the who’s who of wedding guests 🙂 so it needs to be decorated with stunning floral decorations. You will also want to if your budget permits, have fresh flowers arranged for each reception table. Table top flower decorations that compliment and bring out the best of your wedding day theme. Many florists or table setting companies will be able to assist you with different styles of vase or gold fish bowls to hold your arrangements. Table cloths, chair covers and table runners can also be supplied.

Photo Opportunities – If you’ve got that extra bit of wedding budget why not have your florist create a floral wedding frame. You could then supply disposable cameras so that your guests can take their own photos looking through this amazing floral designed photo frame.

There are of course many other places that you could enhance with fresh flowers. We’ll be continuing these ideas at a later point and give you further creative ideas for your special day.