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Brighten Your Home with Spring Flowers

As we’ve written about before Spring time is one of our favourite times of the year. It is the start of regrowth, a resurrection of nature, a new start. The flowers bloom, the trees blossom and trees and bushes start becoming thicker with more foliage.

It is the best time of year to get your garden ready as well as giving the home a good and well needed spring clean.

To correspond to the new beginnings that Spring brings, you can also instigate change in and around your home. Take the time to think about your home, are there any other ways in which you could utilise your space. Changing a room around can be an exciting way of changing the look and feel of your home.

It’s a great time to explore new looks and feels. Maybe painting a room a different colour or just simply changing the curtains and cushion covers in your living room.

Add to that some green houseplants and some beautiful spring time flowers. Open the windows and allow the fresh Springtime air to dance and swirl around your home.

It is the best time of the year to be creative. Practice your flower arranging skills. Create a new display for each room. You can use fresh flowers or even try your hand at dried flower arranging. There are so many ways to use the benefits of flowers and plants in your home.

As you change the look and feel of each room from decoration or rearrangement, you can create a specific floral or plant arrangement to match your unique room styles.

Another creative way of adding your own personal and unique touch is to find or buy your own favourite flowers. Enjoy them in a well chosen vase for a few days. Then after you had their enjoyment for a while and whilst they are still in good condition, you can use your skills for drying flowers. Once you have dried and pressed those flowers there are many creative ways you can use then around your home.

Once great idea and one we have used on many occasions is to take your dried and pressed flowers and mount them onto some wood backing, place them into a picture frame and then hand them on your the wall of your favourite room!

How to Preserve Those Beautiful Flowers

Love the feeling you get when you receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers? They can bring such warmth, such joy to ones heart. Trouble is you’re only going to get the chance to look and smell them for around 10 days at the most. Some bouquets you receive are going to have more meaning than others.

You may have a need on occasions for those flowers to stay with you forever. This is possible of course with flower preservation.

Flowers can be preserved. It’s what you can do with them once they are preserved that counts. There are some many ways you can use these flowers, so here are some ideas of what you can do.

Once you have gone through the preservation process either through drying or a chemical process, you can take your flowers, press them and then put then in a picture frame. This can either act as a wonderful decorative piece inĀ  a special room or serve as a gift that you can give to another.

There are some amazing jewellery pieces you can also make using your dried or preserved flowers. There are many tricks and techniques that can be used to embed your flowers in a bracelet or in a set of earrings. This way you can wear this jewellery every day and be reminded of those special flowers all of the time.

Here are three ways that you can use to dry your flowers.

Drying with air – Remove excess leaves and branch stems below the flower. Arrange flowers in your desired way and secure the stems with string or a rubber band. Put your flowers in a dark and dry place. The loft can be an ideal place and you typically want an area where air can circulate through.

Chemical drying – The chemical glycerine is used for preserving flowers. This method is not always the best to use for flowers. It is ideal for plants and other foliage.

Flower press preserving – This is a technique that has been used for hundreds of years. It’s something that people do as a hobby. Make sure your flowers are clean and dry. If you’re going to press them in a book make sure the pages can absorb moisture, you don’t want shiny pages that won’t absorb the water.

What Do Florists Do With The Flowers They Don’t Sell?

There are many challenges that come from running a business. Running an online floristry business is no different. Now the specific challenges you face are based upon how your business model operates.

Perhaps your website is the front or customer facing portal and then you have a wholesaler that you can order the flowers from and they’ll deliver them for you.

You may not have that luxury, especially if your business is young and you have no prior relationship built with a wholesaler who will deliver for you. If that’s the case you’ll have to hold flower stock and have it delivered on a regular basis. Trouble is it is difficult to anticipate demand and there are many occasions when you haven’t sold stock and your flowers are sitting there and dying.

Most flowers once cut will last not more than 10 days. They are of course tricks and tips you can use to increase their life span.

Here are some ideas that you can use for those flowers that you haven’t managed to sell.

Use for Training Resources. If you have spare flowers that can be used, then you can use them to allow any trainee florists to experiment with. This way they get the much needed, hands on experience without worrying about damaging or costing the business money.

Donate to Charity. Think of all the people that could be cheered up with those left over flowers! You could take those flowers to hospitals, schools and even old people homes to brighten up their day. It has been proven in research that when an elderly person has something to care for and look after, they feel that they have some purpose. This creates happiness and a reason to get up in the morning. There are also of course many different charities that you could donate to.

No matter what you decide to do with your surplus stock of flowers, they will serve some greater purpose!