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The Perfect Wedding Flowers – How Do You Choose?

It’s official! You are now engaged and have set a date to be married! How exciting! Then you realise the extent of all the planning that you must do including choosing your Autumn wedding flowers! You never really knew just how much planing was involved until now. All you want to do is scream!

One of the biggest decisions is going to centre around your wedding flowers. You will want to of made decision in other areas before you can really decide on what flowers you will require for your wedding day.

So before you even think about your flowers you may want to have already made decisions on the following:

  • Wedding dress style and colour
  • Wedding accessories – headwear, shoes, bag etc
  • Church and reception venue
  • Number of guests
  • Colour and style of bridesmaid dresses
  • Number of Bridesmaids

Without making decisions on the above is going to make it extremely difficult for you to decide on what flowers you will need for your wedding day.

Now this is your special day and one you don’t want to hold back on. It is always beneficial to have a budget but having said that you don’t want to be creatively subdued by money. You want this day to be as close to a fairytale as possible.

Another important to factor that relates to the choosing of your flowers is going to be the data and time of year that you will get married. Choosing seasonal flowers is going to not only make it easier to obtain flowers but can also enhance your wedding’s aesthetic appeal.

Most online florists like ourselves with be able to create you a stunning floral bouquet consisting of seasonal flowers for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

The colour shades you choose will be dictated by the time of year and the colour of your wedding theme.

When you sit down with your partner to discus your flower choices it may help to get some understanding of the special meanings of flowers. You may decide upon a flower that has specific meaning to your relationship and each other.

There is a lot to think about and we wish you all the happiness, love and joy that you deserve!

Top Tips for Making a Marriage Proposal

You’ve been dating you current girl for some years now and you have sent flowers by post to her on many occasions. You’re happy, you feel settled and content as to where you are in life. You have been nagged over time and more so these days about getting married. Even you girlfriends mum and family keep dropping hints. Its not that you don’t want to, its that you just haven’t thought about what you need to do and of course you want to make it special.

Trouble is if you’re honest with yourself, you’re a little lost on how to actually go about it.

This will probably be the biggest question you will ask somebody in your lifetime so that in of itself brings up feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

So you need to get some idea on where and what you are going to do. Are you going to propose in a place that has history in your relationship? Or maybe you will take her away on a romantic break and propose in somewhere like Paris or Rome? Lots to think about and that is going to depend on the budget. You will also have the ring to buy, flowers and maybe chocolates in addition to any travelling expenses.

It will serve you well if you take the time to create a special proposal because it will most likely be talked about many times. Your proposal will either be talked about with emotions of love, romance and fondness. Or it could be a memory that haunts you and her for the rest of your life.

Don’t forget to involve your girlfriends family. It is also the right thing to do to ask your girlfriends Father for permission to marry her. This one act alone get muster up additional respect for you as well as some bonus brownie points gained from your girlfriends family.

Get your timing right. There are specific times of the year when you can propose, Valentines Day is the most obvious but New Years Eve is also another popular time.

Get your plan together and we are with you all the way.

Good luck!

Gorgeous Bridesmaid Bouquets

Isn’t it exciting, planning your wedding day? So much to do. So many decisions to make. Bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaids bouquets and just two out of a potential hundreds you will have to make. With all these decision to make it can be difficult to get really creative and put yourself into the future and envision how and what your special day will look like.

In this post, we’ll focus on bridesmaid flowers. Will they carry bouquets? How many bridesmaids will you have? What style of dresses will they wear and what colour will they be?

What colour the dresses will be will be a big determining factor in what flowers you’ll have. Maybe you’ll also want the bridesmaids to wear flowers in their hair or wear a floral crown.

If you want to be a bit traditional and you are considered a bit of a girly girl then the colour pink could be a great choice for you. The flourishing bouquets can be mixed with pink and white roses that look like they’ve been freshly handpicked that morning. Pink and whites are probably better suited to the Spring and Summer months. Roses have for hundreds of years been associated with love and romance and are deemed the best variety of flower that can make up your entire bridesmaid bouquet.

One particular trend that seems to show no signs of stopping is having different styles and colours for each of the bridesmaid dresses. If this is something you decide to opt for then you will have to do some extra planning to make sure that each style and colour of dress is carefully matched with a corresponding bouquet.

Don’t get too carried away with the bouquets the bridesmaids will carry as you also have other decisions to make regarding flowers. It’s always a nice touch to let the colour theme run over to the groom and ushers too. If you have one distinct colour scheme for the ladies, you can top that off by having a pose in the suit pocket for the gentlemen. This colour scheme can also be reflected in the flowers around the altar and on and around the church pews.

Decorating Your Wedding Day Venue with Flowers

Part of the rigorous planning decisions you will be faced with for your wedding day will be how to use gorgeous flower arrangements in the church, on the car and around your wedding reception venue.

Here are courtesy of us some ideas on what you can do with flowers on your wedding day.

For some couples, decorating their wedding day comes down to using paper decorations, ribbons and bunting. Not that those are bad ideas, they can make your wedding day look great but they do not have the same effect as decorating with fresh flowers.

Church Entrance – This is an often overlooked area to decorate. It is one of the most symbolic areas of your wedding day. Have a professional florist work with you to design an archway of flowers that go over the door can great a truly stunning effect. Please check with your vicar and church first to see of they have any guidelines or will even allow you to do this.

Wedding Table Flowers – The top table will contain the who’s who of wedding guests 🙂 so it needs to be decorated with stunning floral decorations. You will also want to if your budget permits, have fresh flowers arranged for each reception table. Table top flower decorations that compliment and bring out the best of your wedding day theme. Many florists or table setting companies will be able to assist you with different styles of vase or gold fish bowls to hold your arrangements. Table cloths, chair covers and table runners can also be supplied.

Photo Opportunities – If you’ve got that extra bit of wedding budget why not have your florist create a floral wedding frame. You could then supply disposable cameras so that your guests can take their own photos looking through this amazing floral designed photo frame.

There are of course many other places that you could enhance with fresh flowers. We’ll be continuing these ideas at a later point and give you further creative ideas for your special day.

Floral Crowns for Your Wedding Day

Finally you are engaged to your handsome man, your boyfriend of many years. You’ve wanted this event to happen for many years. There were times you thought it would never happen. But finally it did and now you have the exciting yet daunting task of planning your special day and that includes planning your wedding flower arrangements for your special day. So many decisions to make:

Should you have an engagement party
What design of wedding invitations
What Church
Which reception venue
Who to invite
Who not to invite
How many guests
Who will be best man
Who will be best man and ushers
What rings to buy
What wedding car to hire
What hymns to have in Church
What design for the order of service
What wedding dress, shoes, lingerie – which colours to wear
Choice of wedding jewellery
How to have your hair done
Wedding makeup
Flowers for you, your bridesmaids, for the Church, for the reception tables
Where to go on honeymoon
What to say in your wedding speech
Who will give you away
DJ or live band
Design of wedding cake
Menu for reception dinner
Table settings
Which wedding photographer
Where to stay on your wedding night
Should you have a wedding website

These are some of the decisions you are going to have to make. I’m sure there will be more.

With regards to flowers on the day, nothing looks more gorgeous than a tiara or crown of fresh flowers around your head and the heads of your bridesmaids. Flower crowns are easily customised to suit your desired colours and theme for your special day.

If your budget is tight then floral crowns you’ll be pleased to know do not cost too much. There is of course always the alternative of making a floral crown yourself. Why not get the Mum’s, chief bridesmaid and the rest of the bridesmaid to help you make them? You could plan a few girly nights in with champagne, chocolates and even dinner whilst you all giggle and add your personal touch to your special day!

Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets of Flowers?

It’s no secret that the ladies love flowers delivered by post UK. There are many things that she loves about them. they can be used to decorate the home and bring a piece of nature into the home. She loves to receive them as a gift as an expression of feelings towards her. One of the main occasions her in life will be when she finally gets married and walks down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet.

The bridal bouquet that she will carry on her wedding day will be just as carefully chosen as her wedding dress, wedding shoes and hairstyle. Flowers carry a real significance, a meaning of fidelity, possibility and beauty. This was a tradition that finds its roots back in ancient Rome. In more ancients time strong, potent herbs that were thought to fend off evil spirits and a whole host of other negative elements.

One such herb is significant in terms of lust and was a popular accompaniment for brides and grooms of that time.

It wasn’t until the Victorian times that a bouquet of flowers was used around a wedding ceremony and that tradition obviously continues until this day. It was Queen Victoria that carried a small bunch of flowers when she married Prince Albert. It was also during these times that the people of the day would give flowers to each other to symbolise their affection and love. There were as of today, different flowers that had different meanings.

It was really the Victorian era where flowers, especially bouquets became a sign or token of love, romance and devotion.

As we mentioned earlier, the bride will take much time in planning her wedding. Attention to detail is key. Typically a wedding will have some sort of colour theme. This colour theme stems from the colour and style of the bridal dress, the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and the colour scheme of the wedding reception tables and room.

The right arrangement of flowers can be so stunning. Not just the beautiful look but the gorgeous scents that explode from a professionally arranged wedding bouquet.

Don’t be to hasty to choose your flowers, give the time it deserves to make your wedding day a day tomorrow, not just by sight but by smell also.