Choosing the Perfect Vase for Your Flower Bouquet

So, you’ve just received the most amazing and beautiful bouquet of flowers. You’re overjoyed and extremely happy. Then you realise that you smashed your favourite vase 2 weeks ago as you were spring cleaning!

Where are you going to put those gorgeous flowers?

Believe it or not, choosing the right vase to match your bouquet of flowers is an art all of itself. Choose the right vase and you can enhance your flowers. Choose the wrong wrong and your flowers won’t shine and look as good as they could.

So, today, we’re going to give you some helpful and handy advice on choosing the best vase to make the most out of your fresh bouquet.

Our first concern is what size of vase should we buy. We arrive at that answer by looking at the size or height of the flowers stems. You want to follow the rule so that your vase one and a half times the height of your flower stems.

You will also need to assess the vases’s opening and also not the diameter of the flower stems. You don’t want a small opening because it will limit the room and space you have to arrange your bouquet.

If your bouquet of flowers contains long stemmed flowers such as the sunflower or the lily, then there is a special type of vase you can buy for those specific flowers. That vase is called a ‘column vase’. This type of vase is really useful in supporting those long stemmed flowers.

Some vases can become unstable when you have a large bouquet of flowers placed in them. The last thing you would want is your flowers toppling over and spilling 2 week old flower water that smells grotesquely pungent! If you want to play it safe then you can opt for the hourglass vase. This vase is very sturdy and will do just the job for flowers that can be a little top heavy.

Round vases, which look like golf fish bowls can become a nice feature as you can also get creative with other items that you can place in there.

That concludes todays advice on vase buying and hopefully that gives you enough information to make your purchase!