Florists Mothers Day Challenge in the Current Pandemic

As of Spring time in 2020, many businesses are facing huge challenges in order to keep running. This is heavily affecting the floristry business both online and offline. Every supply change during this current pandemic has been affected.

With Mothers day approaching, many florists are experiencing the issue of having limited stock.

This is devastating seeing as though just under 70% of gifts given on Mothers Day are plants and flower bouquets.

A lot of this comes down to many business owners confused at to who is classed as a essential worker. Now, we consider ourselves essential workers based on the happiness, joy and cheer our flowers and plants deliver but there are other key businesses such as our supply chain that may be forced to close temporarily. This in turn affects our access to flower and plant stock.

There is also another issue that the current pandemic brings. Flower farmers have been growing and tending to their fields of flowers and now many can’t get out to maintain them or have any where to sell them to. This could end up with a lot of wasted stock.

May florists both online and offline such as ourselves are adapting to this crisis the best that we can. For now we continue to deliver but with restrictions. We will delivery bouquets to your front door step, then know on the door and leave. We also will not be using as many flowers in a bouquet than we would normally use. So these are our restrictions for now but these will revert back to normal once everything gets back to normal again.

On some occasions we may not being able to fulfil your order specifically. In some instances we will have to use other flowers to stand in for those we don’t have. We will of course notify you of these replacements.

These times are challenging for all but we are very happy to be able to keep providing you, our loyal customers with plant and flower bouquet deliveries! Thank you.