Flowers That Are Good For Hay Fever Sufferers

Many of us look forward to the Spring and the Summer in the UK. Trees and bushes start to sprout their buds and you can start planting your beautiful flowers. Especially after battling through the cold, dark and gloomy winter months. It is truly an amazing time when nature starts to wake up in March.

The fields come alive with colour after displaying their drab earthy colour.

But for some, this time of year is dreaded. Many people have allergies and also suffer from hay fever. For some, they do not want to go out. Months of dealing with itchy eyes and nose, uncontrollable sneezing fits, it’s a difficult time of year for hay fever sufferers. According to experts, 20% of the population suffer from this debilitating allergy that really does wreck the lives of many.

If you suffer from hay fever yourself or you want to send someone you love who has hay fever some flowers, then you still can enjoy and send specific flower varieties.

Here are some of our hay fever friendly flowers you can enjoy yourself or to send to loved ones that suffer.

Hydrangea – The flowers are actually pollenated by insects which makes them a safe option. There are many different colours to choice from for these gorgeous blooms. If you like trying different teas, then drying out the hydrangea leaves and making a tea is a popular choice amongst many especially the Japanese.

Gladioli – These flowers originally came from Africa. They are know to be a symbol of charity and being generous. The Gladioli is not pollinated by the wind. These stunning flowers are pollinated by bees. With stunning colours available these flowers are a popular favourite both inside and outside.

Roses – You can never go wrong with roses, unless you sit on the thorns that is! Many hay fever suffers are glad that roses are hay fever friendly. Such a popular flower and held up as the national flower too. In terms of pollinating, the rose does not require insects such as bees. It does use the wind for pollination but because it only releases small amounts of pollen into the air it is still a safe option for those hay fever suffers!