How To Keep Your Valentines Roses Fresh

The romance, passion and love has been bestowed on you this Valentines day. You feel fantastic and more in love then ever. Your man as made many romantic gestures of his love for you this Valentines day including breakfast in bed consisting of smoked salmon, scrambled egg, a glass of bubbly and 12 beautiful red roses.

So after breakfast you jump in the shower and get ready for a day out with your man. You come down stairs and start to arrange your beautiful red roses in a carefully chosen vase. You stand back and admire what represents the love you feel in the moment. How can you make those red roses stay around forever?

Well we can’t do magic and grant you that wish but we can give you tips to make your beautiful roses last a lot longer.

Now you may have already arranged your roses in your special vase. But, did you take the time to check the vase to make sure it was squeaky clean? Any sign of bacteria in there and your roses are not going to last long. Wash it out thoroughly with warm soapy water. Ensure that your vase is the right height to support the length of your rose stems.

Fill your vase with water leaving a third of the vase free. Open your plant food sachet, empty it into the water and stir thoroughly.

Remove all the packaging that your roses cam in. Ensure there are no protective elements in there. Take a pair of scissors or secateurs and cut approximately 20mm off of the bottom of the roses stem. Be sure to cut diagonally.

Run your eyes over the stems, specifically the parts of the stems that will be immersed in water. What you want to do is make sure you remove any thorns or small shoots so that your roses will sit nicely in their vase.

Place your roses into your vase and arrange as needed. Make sure that on every 3rd day you remove your roses from the vase, cut the stems again and replace the water and plant food.

We hope you enjoy your gorgeous roses.