Ideas for Valentines Day

If you want to surprise your partner or want an excuse to spoil them with care, love and attention to make them feel special, then Valentines Day is the perfect excuse to send flowers by post.

Trouble is many people that want to share this affection to their partner become confused and don’t know how they can express that effectively.

There are of course many ways that you can show a romantic gesture. This can be done with gifts of chocolate or flowers, giving them or whole hearted attention and affection for the day or takin them out on a romantic date.

If you can be original and at the same time make your gift or gesture personal to them then even better.

We hope in this edition of our blog to give you some ideas that you can take and make your own.

Gift Box – You can find some really interesting and unique gift boxes for both men and women. For men that could include items for golf, fishing, selection beers and grooming kits and after shaves. For women that may include cosmetics, clothes, shoes, perfume, wine or champagne or even a voucher for a spa day or pampering session at an established spa or country club.

You can send a beautiful bouquet of roses and freesias that can be ordered here on our website. A bouquet like this can be sent to women or men.

If you want to be traditional then you always have the option of sending a special bunch of red roses. You could send a single red rose or a specific number such as 12. If you want to be a little creative you can send an amount that signifies how many years you’ve been together. Our favourite rose the deep dark red rose.

You may want to go out of your way and make it a day to remember for your partner. Start the day of with a surprise breakfast in bed with salmon and scrambled eggs, washed down with some sparking wine and decadent dark chocolates.