Missed Someones Birthday?

The pace of life these days is very fast for most of us. Normally you would send flowers to your best friend but this year with all that’s going on, you forgot!

You could kick yourself. Normally you are so good, organised and never forget any occasion. You’ve been busy at your work, busy in the home with the family, social life etc. Maybe you could of let yourself off and given yourself some slack but it was your best friends Birthday you forget!

You may have given yourself some leeway but with online calendars that send you automated reminders and heck Facebook even tells you when it’s someones Birthday!

Now, we have all forgotten an occasion before, we’re all human I’m afraid. Not everyone is going to list their Birthday in their Facebook profile so you’ll need to remind yourself in other ways.

We can assure you you’re not alone. According to Interflora, around 20% of people that send flowers initially forgot the actual occasions! So you have good company!

So lets forget about feeling sorry for yourselves or avoid doing anything about it. So you missed it by a day. Imagine this, if someone forgot your Birthday but then made up for it a day later would you really care? If your best friend turned up at your door with a bouquet of flowers and some chocolates would you be annoyed with them or would that take you by surprise?

You didn’t congratulate them or send them anything on their Birthday but you can still make up for it. The longer you leave it the worse its going to get.

So have a think, what can you do? What can you buy them and how can you create  special, personalised time for your best friend? How about stopping by the local florist to pick up a stunning bouquet. Then, grabbing a bottle of bubbly and a box of decadent dark chocolates and then texting your best friend to say you are on your way.

You could spend a couple of hours lounging on your best friends sofa with a glass of bubbly, demolishing the box of chocolates catching up on all the latest gossip. After surprising her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers they are now lovingly displayed on her coffee table!