More Healthy Houseplants

We posted an article a short while ago covering the health benefits of houseplants and some ideas on what houseplant is right for you and your home.

In this post we want to continue that topic and give you some other suggestions to make it easier for you to go out to your favourite DIY store and pick up and houseplant suited to your family’s needs.

So let us introduce you to a couple more of stunning, healthy houseplants.

Lilies have always been one of our favourites here at Flowers By Post. They are also a popular flower in terms of the orders we receive for them. They can make up a beautiful bouquet for any occasion!

I am sure you will be excited to know that one specific type of lily can be a really great addition to your houseplant collection. The peace lily is that variety of lily that works well as a houseplant. The peace lily is an absolutely stunning plant that will brighten up any room of the house. Its not just about beauty though. The peace lily like so many houseplants can be such as great detoxifier of the air in your home. It can take care of some of the harmful toxins and poisons that can inhabit your home.

One of the unique characteristics of the peace lily is that it is one of the few houseplants that actually flower. So if you would like a plant with flowering beauty then this is your choice. If you experience a lot of damp and moisture in your home then it maybe possible that you have mould in the house. The peace lily can be very effective at not only removing toxins from your home but specifically mould particles. This plant loves the shade so ideal for the UK! Ideal homes for this plant are the kitchen and bathroom.

Love plants that have abundance of bushy green leaves? The Boston Fern is one of those houseplants. Although it does not flower, it has a very appealing look to it. If you looking the houseplant that is the most effective at removing toxins from the air in your home then this houseplant is for you. The Boston Fern is very beneficial for people that suffer from dry skin.

Having plants in the home can bring you many benefits. Just be sure to check and find out more about a specific plant before you purchase it. Some plants may be harmful to pets and small children.