Not Just Flowers – Gorgeous Plants Too

Not only do we send flowers by post, we also can send loved ones gifts such as plants too! People love plants just as much as they do flowers. Plants sent as a gift are usually going to last a lot longer than a bouquet of flowers. This can make them a special kind of gift that the receiver can look after and tend to that can give them real purpose.

Orchids, the Peace Lily and Magnolia are popular plants. Some are not that easy to get hold of or to send by post.

In this post we’ll give you some recommendations as to what plants you can send as that special gift to someone you love.

The Snake Plant – This is one of our favourites as my wife adores anything “snakey”. This plant also has another name that is popular amongst son in laws as the snake plant is also referred to as the “Mother In Laws Tongue”. Believe it or not this strange looking plant is part of the Lily family of plants. It’s plants like these that convey to use just how incredible nature can be, The Snake plant is ideal for those people who are not very good at looking and caring for plants. This particular plant is very hard to get rid of. It will thrive in the harshest of conditions. The Snake plant is also known as a effective air purifier as it can eliminate harmful toxins from the air in your home.

Monstera Deliciosa – This is a popular looking plant for artists or flower arrangers. If you are looking for a plant to grow for yourself then this is certainly an option for you. You may have heard of or know of this plant by other names. The Swiss Cheese plant is probably is most common name. This gorgeous, unique looking plant can be placed inside and outside. It you do decide to place it outside just be aware that it might not flower. One of the fantastic things about this plant is that if is does flower then it will also yield you some fruit!