Seed Sowing and Growing Your Own Flowers

Theres nothing like a fresh cut display or bouquet of gorgeous smelling flowers whether you visit the florist or have send flowers by post.

But have you ever thought about growing your own gorgeous flowers? “I’d never be able to do that and rival the flowers in the florists”.¬† Well, we’ve got news for you. This is avery possible and we’re going to give you some ideas of exactly how you can do that.

It all starts as you can imagine, with planting those seeds. This is the foundation for growing beautiful flowers.

Make sure you purchase a good number of bags of peat free compost. Use a peat free compost if you have the ability to water your plants at least every day. If you have such a busy schedule that you’re unable to do that then consider a compost that includes agents to enable it to remain moist.

Once you have returned with your bags of compost another great tip can be to use a sieve to run your compost through. Filing your seed trays with sieved compost allows you to remove any larger lumps of compost which in turn removes the potential for excess air to get in which increases the quality of germination.

Once you have your compost in your seed trays and you have planted your seeds according to the seed suppliers instructions, you may be concerned as to where to keep your trays in order to get the best results. Should they have good light or be placed in the dark or in the warmth or the cold?

We use a product called Vermiculite. This is great  for holding seeds down in their place because when you water regularly, the splashing of the water can cause the seeds to rise up so they end of with no compost coverage. This of course will affect how well your seeds germinate.

When buying your seed, ensure you buy good quality. As with anything in life, paying for better quality items can work in your favour especially in the long run and thats important when growing beautiful flowers.