The Special Gift of Flowers

Receiving a bouquet of stunning flowers is such a special thing. It can warm one’s heart, make them feel loved and cared for. This is especially true for people that live on their own and don’t get the chance to see or speak to friends and family.

Giving flowers along with your own presence is such a wonderful gift that you can give to others. It doesn’t matter if you can’t show someone you love your presence. If there is distance between you and a friend or family member then receiving flowers from you can truly bridge that distance gap. It’s as if in the moment of knowing the flowers are from you that you are present in their heart and mind .

It is worth noting that our flowers are not mass produced. When you order a bouquet of flowers to be delivered, we painstakingly put that bouquet together specifically for you with warmth, creativity, expertise and thought. Yes that takes time and thats reflected in our pricing. We are not a centralised, mass producing factory that delivers flowers for you off of some production line.

It’s not secret but our delivery time so love delivering the flowers and seeing the reactions it has on others. On occasions they will make a point to wait a few minutes just so they can get a glimpse of the reaction. It warms their hearts sometimes just as much as the recipient. That might be why our delivery team are amongst the happiest!

We have so many stories and thank you notes that we’ve received over the years. It means a lot for us to be able to help you make someone else’s day, week or month the best one for some time. It gives us great pride and energy to keep propelling forward. We love what we do too so that really helps!

It’s a lot better to put your money into a service that is personal and bespoke than mass produced without the personal touch.