Thinking of a Career in Floristry?

It’s hard to believe just how many years of our life we spend working. On average its probably about 55 years. Thats a long time so it’s so important that you enjoy what you do as much as we do in running our online flower shop.

So maybe you’ve just got to the point where what you’re currently doing for work is tiring and unfulfilling. Have you ever thought about becoming a florist?

There are so many other professions incorporating floristry skills into their businesses. From photographers, estate agents to interior designers. All of these professionals work can be enhanced using flowers. Of course knowing how to arrange them in the ideal way is critically important.

If you are seriously thinking about starting your own floristry business just remember that being able to put a bouquet together and arrange it well is just a small part of the business.

You need to be adept in marketing and building your brand. You want people to know that you exist and why they should come to you versus your competitors. Then theres the finance side of things and if you have staff then leadership skills will also be needed.

With any business is a good idea to self reflect and ask yourself why floristry. What do you think it will do for you. You don’t want to end up working for 55 years doing something else you don’t really enjoy.

There’s also the question of how you will learn the skills necessary for floristry. You could do a college or night school course, hire the expertise of a teacher or mentor and even take an online floristry course.  Of course the more hands on experience you get the better. Unfortunately most of us cannot afford to stop our current work completely in order to learn a new skill. If we take on a new career move into floristry we will also more likely have to juggle our current commitments of work, family, our social life as well as finding the time to study floristry.