Using Locally Grown Flowers

The Spring time is one of our favourite times of year especially for sending cheap flowers by post. After the cold winter months where everything is laid bare, Spring is very much welcomed.

From bleak, grey landscapes with bare trees and bushes, Spring is the time where everything awakens. It’s like nature is born again which is why is it a metaphor for Easter and the resurrection of Jesus.

We love to sit in our conservatory and watch the plants, flowers and trees start to wake up!

It’s a busy time for online florists like ourselves with Easter, Mothers Day, International Woman’s Day.

It’s also a busy time of year for flower farmers although with the current pandemic local businesses are having to make shifts in the way the run and operate their businesses.

Many local flower farmers are now starting to run their own delivery services. It is really the most adaptive businesses that look at recessions as opportunities. At the moment, the main flower wholesalers are struggling to supply florists and online flower delivery websites with stock. So local flower farmers are seizing this opportunity.

This is a new experience for flower farmers as they’ve never offered the shipping and delivery of their flowers.

There seems to be a concerted effort to make the general public know that flower farmers are available to offer the shipping and delivery of freshly cut and locally grown flowers.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see a new line of online directories that showcase locally grown product and products. After all, removing away from a centralised model for food and other products reduces costs and produces food, flowers and other products that are a lot more healthier. This is achieved because there is no mass produced centralised system who’s only goal is maximum profit.