What Are the Benefits of Sending Flowers?

When you send flowers or have a bouquet of flowers posted, it can really have a positive effect on the recipient. Especially as we are all experiencing the effects of a pandemic, social distancing and not being able to visit friends, family and loved ones.

If you have a family member that lives on their own then the current situation is going to be extremely difficult for them. They probably don’t really have anyone to talk to and most likely feel extremely lonely.

Could you imagine being alone, with no one to talk to, not able to go out and speak to others? It would be pretty depressing wouldn’t you agree? So imagine that feeling, then hearing a knock at the door and being handed the most beautiful, colourful bouquet of flowers from your family!

Sending flowers is truly a lovely and effective way to increase the cheer, happiness and wellbeing of those around us.

So what are some of the other benefits associated with having or receiving flowers?

Flowers have been proven to produce a relaxing, calming effect. They reduce anxiety and promote wellbeing. It has a feel good effect on those around and can help to reduce stress which is particularly high in this current time. The sweet floral aromas can help work wonders too and can also promote a sense of calm.

If you work from home then believe it or not, flowers can also help you with your productivity. Harvard University in the US ran a study that showed that the participants improved in terms of wellbeing, creativity and productivity.

Enhance your emotional health by having flowers around you. It is a well know fact that flowers can boost and lift the emotions of a human being. Flowers really can lift the spirits of those that are feeling down, depressed and lonely.

There really isn’t a way to measure the immense return you can get back from a £30 to £40 bouquet of flowers. That happiness and wellbeing truly is priceless!