What are the Most Popular Flowers to Send on Valentines Day?

Valentines day is a huge occasion for the floristry business. It’s one of those annual occasions that guarantee a busy period to online flower delivery websites such as ours at http://flowersbypost.org/

Most men that we know tend to be pretty predictable. Most men are going to send red roses. Either a single or a significant number of them in a bunch.

The tradition of sending flowers on valentines day has been going on for hundreds of years. It is a tradition that was introduced in Europe by Charles the 2nd.

Chocolates are also a favourite for men to send to their girlfriends or wives on this day of love.

So how can you be a little less unpredictable?

What other types of flowers can you send other than red roses? According to many authoritative sources, around 51% of men send red roses! With over 140 different varieties of rose theres plenty to choice from. Out favourite is the deepest darkest red rose.

Believe it or not, carnations are the 2nd favourite type of flower to send on the 14th of Feb. Rumour has it that carnations are better to send when a relationship is young or still in its infant stages. Again like roses there are many different colours to choose from and the other huge benefit of carnations is that they last a long time.

Another not so popular choices is the valentine lily. One such variety of lily that fits the emotions of valentines day is called “Casa Blanca”. White lilies are also one of the most fragrant varieties of lily.

If you’re looking to be really different and original then you can surprise your loved one with a bunch of lilies. These simple but overlooked flowers make a great alternative to roses. It should also be noted that red lilies are also known as a declaration of love according to the Victorian language of flowers.

There really is a lot more choice of flowers you can send on Valentines day. So why not be original and standout and send a bouquet of lilies, carnation or tulips.