What is the Official Flower for Mother’s Day?

Mothers day is celebrated all around the world with many people looking for the best flowers by post uk. Many countries celebrate it but in some places on different dates. Why celebrate the Mothers of this world. Well ever since you were born, you’ve been loved, cared for, looked after and God knows what else up until your point in life.

It’s amazing the things that most mums do. Cook, clean, wash, iron, pack school bags, help with homework, do the shopping, took you to extra¬†after school activities, all whilst working a job!!

Pretty amazing stuff and certainly worthy of reward.

Many mum are also a tower of support, a ear that listens with wise words spoken at times of personal challenges.

So, its no wonder why we dedicate and celebrate a special day each year to all those Mums!

If you want to get Mum so beautiful flowers then the carnation is really the official Mothers Day flowers.

Ancient Greece seems to be the place where the tradition of Mothers Day first started. Apparently the Romans marked this day dedicated to specific Gods. It took many centuries until the tradition found its way into Europe around the 1800’s.

Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday also had religious connotations which meant that one would travel back to visit their first church and pay homage to it. Over time it transitioned to be celebrated in the fashion that it does today but families giving gifts of flowers, chocolates, family time and also the chance to come together as a family and celebrate.

The carnation for Mothers day goes back to the US and a girl called Anna Jarvis. She was said to have delivered hundreds of white carnations to the Sunday school where here Mother taught. Anna asked for each Mother to be given a white carnation every time they visited the church. It’s a good job that carnations are one of the longest lasting flowers once cut.