Why Do Brides Carry Bouquets of Flowers?

It’s no secret that the ladies love flowers delivered by post UK. There are many things that she loves about them. they can be used to decorate the home and bring a piece of nature into the home. She loves to receive them as a gift as an expression of feelings towards her. One of the main occasions her in life will be when she finally gets married and walks down the aisle with a beautiful bouquet.

The bridal bouquet that she will carry on her wedding day will be just as carefully chosen as her wedding dress, wedding shoes and hairstyle. Flowers carry a real significance, a meaning of fidelity, possibility and beauty. This was a tradition that finds its roots back in ancient Rome. In more ancients time strong, potent herbs that were thought to fend off evil spirits and a whole host of other negative elements.

One such herb is significant in terms of lust and was a popular accompaniment for brides and grooms of that time.

It wasn’t until the Victorian times that a bouquet of flowers was used around a wedding ceremony and that tradition obviously continues until this day. It was Queen Victoria that carried a small bunch of flowers when she married Prince Albert. It was also during these times that the people of the day would give flowers to each other to symbolise their affection and love. There were as of today, different flowers that had different meanings.

It was really the Victorian era where flowers, especially bouquets became a sign or token of love, romance and devotion.

As we mentioned earlier, the bride will take much time in planning her wedding. Attention to detail is key. Typically a wedding will have some sort of colour theme. This colour theme stems from the colour and style of the bridal dress, the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and the colour scheme of the wedding reception tables and room.

The right arrangement of flowers can be so stunning. Not just the beautiful look but the gorgeous scents that explode from a professionally arranged wedding bouquet.

Don’t be to hasty to choose your flowers, give the time it deserves to make your wedding day a day tomorrow, not just by sight but by smell also.