Writing a Poem To Send With Your Flowers

We all understand what a difference it makes to send your loved a romantic Valentines bouquet. But this year you want to make it even more special and do something extra as well as sending flowers or roses.

Have you ever thought about writing a romantic poem that you could send with your flowers? Oh but I can’t write poetry we can hear you say. But of you had some help or were given some guidance to write it, would you? Good, yes is the right answer!

Don’t worry, this post is going to give you some tips on how you can write some poetry that will make your partner’s heart melt!

The most difficult thing you will find is how to express your feelings for your partner into words. This is not an easy task.

So lets give you some pointers to writing those romantic gestures on Valentines day.

One to the first and obvious elements for your poem is for it to follow some sort of rhyme. This makes it easier to read and will also make it sound better. Rhyming can help turn your poem into a soft dance of words that lead to the persons heart.

Aim to make your point in as fewer words as possible. On your first draft you can just write as you normally would do. Then after you have that first draft, you can go back and try to shrink what you have said into as fewer words as possible.

Comparing your thoughts, or feelings or the positive qualities your partner possesses to something else that’s beautiful can really help to get your point across too. You will find plenty of inspiration if you look to nature. Sunsets, sky, the sea, there really is plenty to draw upon.

Most romantic relationships have overcome hardships, obstacles and bumps in the roads. Its worth using this as inspiration to say no matter how hard times were, you got through it because you felt like it was worth it. If it wasn’t you may have called it a day and gone your separate ways. You can play with this as part of the testament of the love you both have for each other.